Oct 052009

Even though the Kindle is way more popular than the Sony ebook reader, it was Sony who came out first.

sony ebook reader

Many e-reader enthusiasts first started out by purchasing the Sony ebook reader, it was through this device which many first read a novella, a best seller, a magazine or the coveted thriller novel. When the first Sony e-reader came out it cost a whopping $499, and now some models retail for about $299.

But what is the 411 on this ebook reading device. Let’s take a look.

  • Weighs 10 ounces
  • Screen size is 6 inches
  • Comes in several models, including the PRS 505, PRS 600 and PRS 700
  • You can buy online via Amazon or offline at various bookshops such as Barnes, Border’s and more
  • Memory is between 256 mb and 512 mb
  • For audio, you can add and use headphones
  • Battery life is estimated at 2 weeks
  • some models come in several colors, including silver black and pink

The Sony ebook reader is a formidable opponent to the Kindle, in fact many prefer it because it isn’t tied to any specific ebook provider and another cited plus is that it has native PDF support.

How is it different than the Kindle? The main differences between the Sony ebook reader and the Kindle is size, format type, memory, source of ebooks, and price.

Read our eBook Reader Comparison Guide for more details.

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