Oct 052009

The Kindle Cash Machine EbookOne of the toughest things for an author to accomplish is to get published… and then get their works SOLD.

Don’t you dream of one day writing a book and becoming a published author that gets respect and notoriety?

How many times have you written something wonderful, only to have it collect virtual dust on your hard drive?

I’m going to show you a system for publishing your book so fast that you won’t believe it until you actually see it.

And before you go jumping to conclusions, it’s not one of those “Publish On Demand” services. It’s something much more powerful than that.

I found an amazing new eBook called “The Kindle Cash Machine”, by Barry D. Martin. Barry wrote this book for those of us who want (and NEED) to get published… and even (the shock!) make money with our works!

Bookstores are great, but if you can’t get your book in those mega-stores, then what do you do? Sure, you can get it published yourself, but you risk having a garage full of 1,000 books that you can’t sell.

Now, however, you can publish your book electronically and have it sold on Amazon.com for their Kindle device!

You’ll find out all you need to create the ebook in the Kindle format Amazon needs and you’ll learn exactly how and what to do.

Go visit: The Kindle Cash Machine!

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