Oct 072009

In a recent study done by the CleanTech Group findings show that the Amazon Kindle is more eco friendly than paper books.

Why? Because within its first year, the Kindle uses up all its emitted Co2. Anything after the first year is a net carbon saving, making it more GREEN than books.

According to the study:

… the Kindle usually offsets the carbon emitted in its creation within the first year. Emma Ritch, the author of the report, writes that “Any additional years of use result in net carbon savings, equivalent to an average of 168 kg of CO2 per year (the emissions produced in the manufacture and distribution of 22.5 books).” The impact is only expected to improve as sales of the Kindle increase.

Agree? Disagree?

What do you think of this study and its claim that eBook Readers (the Kindle in particular) is more eco friendly than paper books? If you view our eReader Comparison table you will see that the Kindle has the longest battery life of all eBook Readers.

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