Oct 112009

kindle wireless reader

Are you wondering why a new model Kindle (such as the Kindle 2 or Kindle DX) is better than a cheap netbook? Someone on Yahoo Answers does and posed this very question to the masses. I thought this was an excellent question to answer here on the blog.

So below is my response: “6 Reasons A New Model Kindle Is Better Than A Cheap Netbook”.

  1. Smaller and Lighter – whether you get the Kindle 2 or Kindle DX either one will be smaller and lighter than a netbook. Even the 10 inch models.
  2. Free Internet – the Kindles come with free access to the 3G network, via either Sprint or ATT. No monthly charges of any kind.
  3. Better Battery Life – because the Amazon Kindle uses e-ink technology less power is used, and on average a Kindle will last you about four days on a single charge. Pretty sweet!
  4. Easier On The Eyes Screen – it’s been said that the e-ink screen is much easier on the eyes, than the constant “flickering” of a pc screen.
  5. Price – with the recent price slash of the Wireless Kindle, they just got cheaper than a cheap netbook. Most 10 inch netbooks still hover around $299.
  6. Your turn? – What reasons can you add to the equation, weigh in below in the comment area.

Check out our eReader Comparison table to see how the Kindle compares with other eBook readers.

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