Oct 122009

kindle portable reader

To smartly compete against the plethora of FREE public titles available from Google on the Sony Reader, Amazon now has close to 18,000 free public domain downloads in the Kindle ebook store.

This is an increase of close to 10,000 from just last Wednesday. Wow!

The ebook reader wars are at full throttle with no let up in sight, especially with the holiday season around the bend.

This is very good news for all consumers interested in finally purchasing an ebook reader.

If you own a Kindle go to the Amazon Kindle ebook store and see what free titles grab your fancy.

Maybe War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy is your cup of tea, if so – it’s available.

Check out our eReader Comparison table to see which other eBook formats are compatible with the Kindle ereader.

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  One Response to “Over 17,000 Free Kindle Ebooks Now Available”

  1. What are your favorite type of free ebooks?

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