Oct 152009

sony pink ebook reader

1. Ebook reader devices are widely used today, but they are not quite standard yet. Still, the clues are there that they are taking off in a big way! There are many different reasons why this is true, and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the standard way to read books. The features of convenience, price, and user-friendliness are just the tip of the iceberg!

2. Many people love to read. The problem with this passion is that books take up a lot of space. It seems that more people are interested in clearing the clutter and being able to have their books with them whenever they want. That’s the beauty of ebooks! In the same space where you could only have one book, you can now have hundreds of books on one little device.

3. We can’t forget that nearly everything is becoming electronic these days. People are attached to their Blackberries, iPhones, laptops, TV’s, and other devices. It only makes sense that old hardbacks and paperbacks are going by the wayside to be replaced with something electronic. It’s far more convenient and makes sense for modern lifestyles.

4. Speaking of modern lifestyles, there are many people who are just too busy to sit down and read these days. If they do find the time, it gets difficult keeping track of which page they were on or finding an exact portion of a book. Ebook readers will surge in popularity as more people realize that the devices save your page for you, allow you to easily mark in them, and help you find exactly what you’re looking for with a simple search.

5. In addition to those convenience features, there is also a matter of price. If you go to the local bookstore and open the front cover of a hardback you’ll likely go into sticker shock! It’s amazing how much they are charging for books these days. Those high prices will cause more and more people to buy ebooks instead. Since companies have less overhead for these electronic titles, that cost savings gets passed along to the reader.

6. As more publishers catch wind of how many people all around the world are reading ebooks you can only expect the number of titles to increase. When some of the more popular books are converted to ebook format it will attract more people to them. This will create a snowball effect where people all around the world start realizing how amazing it is to read your books in an electronic format!

7. There is also the matter of having the ability to distribute books on a wider basis. There are some smaller publishing companies that just cannot afford to get their book in many areas. This limited distribution not only hinders sales, it also hinders creativity! With ebooks, people realize that the costs are so low they can effectively get their books into the hands of anyone who wants them. This will cause the ebook movement to spread like wildfire.

8.Ebook reader devices will continue to increase in popularity all the time. If you haven’t gotten started reading ebooks, now is definitely the time as they are widely available and can save you a ton of money on popular books.

Are you ready to get your hands on these popular ebook reader devices? The two most popular readers right now are the Kindle and Sony Readers.

See a comparison of the Kindle vs. the Sony Reader and get the indepth review of the Sony Reader 700 on our eReader Comparison table.

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