Oct 152009

barnes athena ebook reader

Everyone is buzzing about the new ebook reader from Barnes And Noble, which according to Gizmodo might be called ATHENA.

Early photos of Athena have been leaked (to Gizmodo) and you get to see her for the first time. As you can see from the photo above, not too terribly dissimilar than the Kindle.  Just some minor tweaks here and there, but nothing revolutionary. The ebook digital reader will have two screens with one side meant to be in color, while the other is to have the e-ink technology.

So far rumors have ATHENA as quite the Kindle competitor and me thinks one of the biggest selling points is that you can touch, feel, and look at it in person via a Barnes And Noble store.

Not too mention, it will have some color and might have some really neat features such as social networking integration and maybe lending of books. But most of this at this point is speculation.

Some other proposed notable features of ATHENA include:

1. It’ll be called Athena – presumably after the Greek goddess of wisdom, peace, warfare, strategy and a whole lot more.
2. eInk screen for reading – 800 by 600 pixel resolution.
3. LCD multi-touch screen for keyboard, browsing through book covers and more. 480 by 144 pixels and 150 dpi.
4. Previous and Next page buttons – two sets which is good.
5. Buttons for Search, Home, BN store, Back.
6. It has social networking with a dedicated Profile Button.
7. LCD is inactive while reading.
8. It was planned to be sold for less than the Kindle when the Kindle was $299.

Check out our eReader Comparison table to see how it compares with other eBook Readers. (via iReaderReview)

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