Oct 202009

nook ebook reader

It seems we publishers rushed to the pulpit on this one and got it wrong. The name of the new color ebook reader from Barnes And Noble is not Athena, but NOOK.

Yes, Nook. As in “corner nook” and find me a “quiet nook” to read Tom Clancy.

I’m with my colleagues on this one, I prefer Athena. Sounds more robust and fits a digital gadget perfectly, because it essentially marry’s ice cold electronica with warm nature.

But alas, its not Athena. It’s NOOK.

All this comes about after the WSJ got a hold of an upcoming full page ad which Barnes And Noble is set to put out in Sunday’s paper.

This Sunday, October 25th.

And the price for NOOK, in case you’re wondering is set at $259. Yes, the same as the Amazon Kindle.

Competition is a beautiful thing, my friends!

nook color touchscreen(close-up pic of NOOK color touchscreen)

Also the Nook Ebook Reader will not have two panels as previously rumored, but one panel with a color touchscreen at the bottom of the e-ink display (see close-up pic above), and it introduces a new standout feature, called lending. But no further details on this feature have been rolled out.

Stay tuned to our eReader Comparison table for further updates.

via AllThingsDigital

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  1. What do you think of the name of NOOK, for B&N’s new color ebook reader?

    Like or not like, weigh-in below.

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