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Welcome to the eBookReaderGuide reviews of the best protective, comfortable, affordable, durable and stylish Kindle Covers and Cases for the latest devices as they become available. I am of the view that a book-style or flip-style Kindle cover which allows accessibility to all the ports and buttons is the best type for round-the clock protection.

However, Amazon have been quick off the mark as expected and released a good color selection of lighted Kindle covers for the all new basic Kindle device (minus the keyboard). Just like you I have seen the Amazon advertisements where the cute little child reads from the kindle whilst on a car journey, and an attractive lady reads by the poolside. But the part where I am told that the Kindle can store 1,400 books as a person slips the device into their rear trouser pocket had me a little worried…..you see the Kindle is so light (6oz), you’ll forget you even have it in your back pocket, and before you know it, it going to flip out in the toilet! Folks, just don’t try that at home. Just remember that your new Kindle deserves the best protection, and we don’t want you to purchase a poor quality Kindle cover from the plethora that have hit the market.

Hey, I believe passionately in protecting my electronic devices, and the Kindle has become my latest addition. Here’s why I think that the Amazon lighted Kindle cover is a great investment.

Best Lighted Kindle 4 Covers
Amazon Lighted Kindle Covers

Well my all new Kindle is great. Unlike my previous generation one, the Kindle Keyboard, it cannot speak to me (no text-to-speech) and I cannot listen to music on it. But for reading it is a dream. Now if this is the first time that you have bought a Kindle ebook reader, let me tell you that you may find it awkward hold such small and light device. A durable Kindle cover that provides a comfortable reading experience is of prime importance and of course style and good protection are salient pre-requisites too. Now the Amazon lighted leather Kindle cover for the new Kindle may at first look quite pricey at $59.99; but let me tell you why I have ordered one and have no regrets about my purchase.

Firstly, the back panel of this book-style Kindle cover has a form fitted enclosure with 2 metallic buttons which directly make contact with the back of the Kindle to power the superb LED light that swings out from the top of the cover to evenly illuminate the Kindle display. When one no longer requires the light, you just swing the light back to the normal position. Simple. You don’t need to lug around a separate reading light that requires a change of batteries every few weeks. In actual fact, this particular lighted Kindle cover is an upgrade on the previous model, for Kindle keyboard; that had fiddly hinges on the spine of the Kindle cover for installing the device but it too worked a treat. Weighing around 4.8oz, it won’t add a substantial amount of weight to the Kindle and the great feature is that this cover can be folded back to allow reading with one hand too. It is available in 4 attractive colors of leather: black, brown, purple and green.
Added 29/12/2011.

Best Synthetic Leather Kindle 4 Covers
Tuff-Luv Embrace Kindle 4 Covers

Tuff-Luv have a reputation of producing some of the finest and affordable handmade Kindle covers with a lifetime guarantee. For the latest Kindle device, I have warmed to the Tuff-Luv Embrace covers as I think that they provide better features than even the non-lighted Amazon Kindle covers. First of all they are available in 6 attractive colors (lavender purple, ash grey, black, brown, white and electric blue) of synthetic leather. The inner front panel contains a recessed hand band to allow comfortable reading with one hand when the cover is folded back. There is a convenient elasticated pen holder on the inside of the spine too. The device is secured into the back panel by synthetic leather and elasticated straps; in addition, there is also a thick, black elasticated strap to hold the front and back panels of the cover together when the device is not in use. Great protection at a better price than the non-lighted Amazon Kindle covers.

Best Stand Kindle 4 Covers with Hand Strap Feature
Timbuk2 Dinner Jacket Kindle 4 Covers

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Timbuk2 have evolved their range of Kindle clutch bag style cases to produce a very stylish range of Kindle flip-style covers that can be transformed into an easel stand due to a detachable hand-strap on the inside of the front panel. Now if you enjoy hands-free Kindle reading while you’re sipping coffee, then this is the best type of Kindle cover for you. The external zip pocket is small enough for a couple of credit cards. The stand feature is excellent as it stays put like an easel; and if I’m totally honest, you’ll definitely not achieve that with the Marware Eco-Flip cover for the Kindle as the cover will collapse flat on a polished surface. Even though I am partial to the red colored cover (see photo above), black and gunmetal grey are also available.

Best Kickstand Kindle 4 Covers
JAVOedge Flip Case Kindle 4 Covers

I reviewed these JAVOedge Kindle covers for the 2nd and 3rd generation devices; and I am delighted that JAVOedge have produced them for the all new Kindle 4. These flip-style covers include a beautiful feminine design of Japanese cherry blossoms on the exterior which is soft and comfortable to hold, and the geometric design called the Umi. The kickstand on the rear of the back panel can be pulled out, and the front panel can be flipped over to allow convenient hands-free reading. The Kindle 4 is secured inside a synthetic leather enclosure. Furthermore, a magnetic closure holds both panels together when the device is not in use. Check out the cherry blossom design in twilight Purple, ocean blue, cocoa. I hope that JAVOedge release these flip-style covers with the Whimsical Paisley design or the Poppy design in the near future.

Best Zip-Up Kindle 4 Covers
M-Edge Latitude Jacket Kindle 4 Covers

Now if you are a very protective Kindle lover you’ll savour the M-Edge range of nylon canvas Latitude Jackets for the Kindle 4. The device can easily be mounted into the cover using 4 elasticated corner straps on the rear panel. When the device is not in use, it can be safely stored out of harms way by using the double zipper. If you want to use this book-style cover for reading with one hand, just fod back the front panel and pull the zips so that both panels are held together. These covers are available in red, black, navy blue, purple and Black/pink.

Best Designer Leather Kindle Cover for Kindle 4
Kate Spade New York Kindle Cover

If money is no object and you value excellent quality of workmanship, then look no further than the minimalist, feminine beauty of the Kate Spade NY Kindle cover in pink. This durable book-style cover in genuine pebble grained leather holds the Kindle in place using 4 corner elasticated straps on the rear panel.

Best Designer Non-Leather Kindle Cover for Kindle 4
Kate Spade New York Kindle Cover

Kate Spade NY have not ignored animal lovers either with this eye-catching selection of coated canvas and poplin Kindle covers.

Best Natural Fibre Kindle 4 Covers
Tuff-Luv Natural Hemp Kindle 4 Covers

This is a unique selection of exquisitely crafted Kindle 4 book-style covers with an attractive embroidered design making environmentally responsible use of hemp. The Kindle 4 can be secured in a framed enclosure and the cover provides a pen holder and storage for business cards. The front and back panels of the cover are held together by a snap closure button. Available in a range of colors: pistachio green, mocha brown, desert sand and turquoise blue.

Stay tuned for further updates…..

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  2 Responses to “Top 10 Kindle Covers And Cases for Kindle – Best Kindle Cover And Case Uncovered”

  1. Hi I have the amazon kindle cover with light and I LOVE it .. but the light is no longer working .. I have charged the kindle and the light is still not working .. I just bought this in the states the first week of August and I have bad vision so the light was the answer to my prayers .. Please help me .. THANKS

    • Hi Jacqui,

      This remedy sometimes works is the Kindle cover light is not switching on:

      First “shut down” the Kindle by sliding and holding the power button for five seconds. The LED light will blink three times and the screen will go blank.

      Then ensure that the Kindle is charged for 1 hour, and that the cover is correctly attached to the Kindle. Use these instructions.

      Next, turn the Kindle on by sliding and releasing the power button. The light should now operate as normal.

      If this does not work, you should Customer Service

      Let us know how you get on.

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