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How Do I Add/Upload Books To An Ebook Reader, such as the Kindle, Sony Reader or Nook?


With the Kindle Reader, you upload/add books via the device itself. You can upload using a USB cable connected to your PC or while away from your pc or laptop, you add/upload books wirelessly via a 3G network. The Kindle uses the AT&T 3g network.

With the Sony Reader, you upload via a USB cable. There isn’t wireless connectivity yet on this reader.

And with the new Barnes and Noble NOOK ebook reader, you upload/add books similar to the Kindle, wirelessly via a 3G network or you can also do it via a USB cable. Although Nook uses Sprint, not AT&T.

And in case you’re wondering, neither the Kindle or NOOK charge for use and access of the 3G networks, they have contracts set-up with the respective carriers (i.e. Sprint and AT&T) to waive these fees.

Ok. Once the books are added to your ebook reader, just sit back and enjoy the read.

Hope this answers your question. And thank you so much for sending it in.

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  2 Responses to “Reader Question: How Do I Add Books To An Ebook Reader?”

  1. With the Nook you have that little color screen that displays book covers if you bought the book from B&N store. Is there a way to add covers like that, instead of the blank little book for books you’ve had before you got your Nook? Like PDF files of books you can’t get at the B&B store?

  2. I also want to add that on the NOOK ebook reader, you will be able to download books via the color screen navigation (and built-in shop) at the bottom of the device.

    A pretty neat feature, if you ask me.

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