Nov 042009

sony prs 600 touch edition

Did you hear the news? The Sony Reader Touch Edition (the PRS 600) was voted the #1 ebook reader by PC World a few days ago.

It beat out the Kindle and other e-readers as the topic pick. Why? Read on.

The Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition (PRS600BC) got high marks because as PC World see’s it, you (the buyer) are not tied into buying books from only one source. (i.e. Sony) And also because it supports ePub, a widely used ebook format which even libraries use. Not too mention Sony Reader owners have access to over a million free (public domain) ebooks available to choose from on Google.

As for comparisons to the Kindle 2? The screen size and quality are the same as the Kindle 2, but with the addition of the two qualities mentioned above, PC World picks the Sony Reader Touch Edition (Sony PRS 600) as the number one ebook reader currently on the market. See our eReader Comparison Table table for further details.

I don’t necessarily agree with PC World on this one, but I would definitely say that the (Sony PRS 600) is definitely in the top three of all digital e-readers.

Sony Reader Touch Edition, Price: $289.

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  7 Responses to “Sony Reader Touch Edition (the PRS 600) Voted #1 Ebook Reader”

  1. I actually have 2 brand new never opened Sony Prs-600 readers for sale. Got one as a gift and the other I bought but lost the receipt and never opened.

  2. I really want to get one of these things, but it’s hard to make a decision about which one! Of course, I always want the latest and greatest, but you definitely pay for that. Guess I’ll keep reading:)

    Thanks for the info.

  3. […] to the NOOK and even the Amazon Kindle, the Sony Readers need a major redesign. I do like the Sony PRS600 which at least comes in several colors, including a groovy […]

  4. I have not had a chance to test many ebook readers out besides the kindle and i liked it a lot. Will have to look in to some other options. The Sony PRS 600 looks slick.

    • Hey, Ross:

      Nice of you to drop on by. Guess what? Sony has yet another reader coming out, the PRS900. This baby should be the closest competitor to the Kindle, besides NOOK. It comes out sometime in 2010, and will feature wireless connectivity.

      The first Sony Reader to do so. Pretty neat.

      Anywho – I’m off to visit you on, btw love the domain name.


  5. What say you? Agree or disagree with PC World picking the Sony PRS 600 as the best ebook reader on the market right now.

    Remember that NOOK is not yet out.

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