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So why is ePub a big deal when it comes to ebook readers?

First and foremost it could be said that the beauty of ePub is in its formatting capabilities. It’s remarkably frustrating to come across new technology only to find that it won’t be compatible with your device. Reflowable content, or content that can be structured to match your device precisely, is a huge step forward for those of us who love to read digital ebooks. And this is what ePub allows.

There are many avid readers that are still chewing their way through novels, self help books, and even those guilty pleasures. With today’s technology such as an ebook reader we are simply allowed to access it faster and store it for our convenience. It seems that we are perpetually carrying around some sort of electronic device. It only makes sense to use these devices of ours for more than just business. Readers love a good ebook whether they are hanging out at the airport waiting for a delayed flight or waiting for the dentist to call them in for the dreaded appointment.

In any case, the ebook has become the new paperback of today. We can download faster and read through the pages with ease when the technology matches our device. Thankfully, ePub allows everyone access regardless of the device. If it can hold the book then the format will take care of itself.

There is a bit of speculation that this technology was born out of frustration that many in the music world face when it comes to downloading tunes. An iPod and a different Mp3 player do not share the same format compatibility, making transition from one device to another highly expensive. This has created enough dissension that it makes sense that if you want everyone’s business then you need to offer your material to everyone. It not only makes better business sense but it also makes better customer service sense.

With ePub, your efforts are minimized. Since there is no formatting on your end, you can expect the entire process to happen automatically provided you give the proper information regarding your device. This means no matter where you are, carrying multiple devices for various purposes will not limit your ability to chew through another fantastic novel.

Which popular ebook readers currently support ePub?

Currently the Kindle does not support ePub, but the Sony Reader and NOOK Reader both do (see our eReader Comparison Table).

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