Nov 162009

I received a great question from a reader and below is the answer. Feel free to submit your own question and we’ll do our best to answer it.

sony prs 600 in color red

Can The Sony Reader (PRS 600) Accept PDF and Word Docs?

Yes! Both actually. The Sony Reader has the most formats available including native PDF support. You can upload your PDF docs from your pc or laptop and download them to the Sony Reader (PRS 600) via the included USB cable.

However be aware that on IMAGE heavy docs, PDF rendering can get a bit sketchy, because PDF docs need to be re-sized when added to an e-reader and sometimes the image will not look right. However the Sony Reader does have a ZOOM feature, which helps a bit with this issue.

As for WORD docs, you need Sony desktop software to convert the doc. This software is free and available from Sony.

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A big thanxs goes out to our reader (Eddie) who submitted this great question.

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  4 Responses to “Can The Sony Reader Accept PDF And Word Docs?”

  1. Why can’t I turn my PSR-600 when it is plugged in to charge?

  2. Very interesting – I would love to be able to read all my PDFs on the go. I will definitely get one of these one day.

  3. Feel free to send in your own (ebook reader) question, via our contact form above.


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