Nov 182009

sony daily edition reader

The newest out from Sony (and Amazon’s biggest competitor) is the Reader Daily Edition.

The new Sony Daily Edition has 3G wireless access, so it truly rivals the Kindle and NOOK – as both allow wireless ebook uploads.

Along with a 7 inch touch screen and menu driven panel, the Sony Reader Daily Edition is new and improved, but the design is still the same. Boring!

Sorry, but compared to the NOOK and even the Amazon Kindle, the Sony Readers need a major redesign. I do like the Sony PRS600 which at least comes in several colors (black, silver, and red).

The current line of Sony Readers all support native PDF and ePub formats (see our Reader Comparison), have a massive library of ebooks from which to choose from, including Google public domain books, many ePub library books, and paid books from the online Sony ebook store.

So still a great e-reader, no matter the design.

Price: $399

What questions do you have about the new Sony Daily Edition?

Hit us with your best shot below.

via Sony Style.

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  3 Responses to “Sony Daily Edition Reader Debuts Today”

  1. Just a note: the PRS 300 comes in pink, calling it rose, not the 600. You should make clear that it uses ePub and not just PDF, so all those people with Stanza books can use it too. I know I’m biased, but it’s harder to trust an opinion if the simplest facts aren’t right.

  2. What do you think of the new Daily Edition ebook reader from Sony, do you think it competes against the Kindle DX?

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