Nov 202009

new moon kindle book

With New Moon movie hysteria at full throttle, Stephanie Meyer and company are riding quite the wave.

To push Meyer book sales further and rank higher in her respective category, Amazon has announced that the New Moon Kindle Edition is now even lower, and available as an immediate download on your Kindle reading device.

The Kindle edition New Moon book is now priced at $4.25, I don’t think it can possibly go lower than that.

How Big Is New Moon and the entire Twilight movie series?

The Stephanie Meyer Twilight movie series just surpassed Harry Potter as the biggest selling blockbuster of all time, with the recent Wednesday midnight screening.

Fans can’t get enough of this exciting teen vampire saga. Now where is that Kindle Gift Card

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  One Response to “New Moon Kindle Edition Book Price Lowered”

  1. Do you have all of Stephanie Meyer’s TWILIGHT books on your Kindle, yet?

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