Nov 242009

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Amazon has just announced that their Kindle 2 and Kindle DX digital reading devices will now have native PDF support.

This is HUGE news because one of the major things separating the Kindle from the Sony reader is the ability to directly access and read PDF documents.

And now it can!

How? Through a new software firmware update which Amazon will add at first to the 6 inch Kindle 2 and later the 10 inch Kindle DX. The update is version 2.3 and from comments I’ve been reading on various forums and blogs, could be automatic if you’re a UK, Canadian or other non-US Kindle owner.

Whereas American Kindle owners can manually download the 2.3 software update via the Amazon website.

Also included in the update is better battery life, 85% to be exact. You will be able to have wireless on longer than before. About a week when wireless is turned on and about two weeks when wireless is turned off.

How, When and Where?

If you’re a current Kindle 2 owner, you can manually download the update via the Amazon website. But Amazon mentions that new updates usually (and when available) are downloaded automatically when you activate wireless on the device. If you plan on buying a new Kindle, the native PDF support and better battery life will already be installed.

So two huge improvements from Amazon and just in time for the Christmas holiday. Although the NOOK is sold out and won’t be shipping till January, that did not stop Amazon from making their Kindle even better.

Competition is fierce in the ebook reader wars. So i’m sure Sony won’t be too far behind with an announcement of their own in the next few days or weeks.

Especially with the BIG gift shopping season ahead.

This is good for me…and you!

via Amazon

NOTE: This update doesn’t apply to the first generation Kindle 1. Sorry!

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  1. What do you think of these two huge Amazon Kindle improvements, are they too little too late or perfect timing?

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