Nov 282009

kindle 2 and lots of diet dr pepper lol

Please note: You must FIRST sign-up for an plan through Amazon (link is below) and then purchase your Kindle. Do NOT do it the other way around or you might not get the Kindle discount code.

Are you an audio book listener? How about a Kindle coupon seeker? Well let me tell you about a new Kindle discount that is now available.

You can potentially save $100 off a brand new Kindle 2 if you sign-up for an GOLD membership. This is a hot-off-the-presses discount code available to new members of – essentially the offer is as follows:

(directly quoted from

Save $100 on any of these AudibleReady® products when you agree to join’s AudibleListener® Gold plan for 12 months at $14.95/month. If the product or accessory that you choose is less than $100, you will receive the product for free.

You cannot cancel membership for 12 months or else you must return the Kindle device.

You can use the $100 Kindle Gift code towards a Kindle 2, a Kindle DX or Kindle accessories such as cases and covers. Effectively bringing down the cost as follows:

Kindle 2 $259 – $159

Kindle DX – $489 – $389

That is a pretty substantial savings and is truly a good deal if you’re a regular audio book listener. With the GOLD membership you get to choose one free audio book a month and save 10% on additional monthly audio books.

How To Get The $100 Kindle Discount Code?

  1. You must go to and click through to from their device page, which is noted below.
  2. Sign-up for the monthly $14.95 GOLD plan
  3. will send you a $100 coupon code via email which you can use towards the purchase of a brand new Kindle 2, Kindle DX or Kindle accessories.
  4. You must purchase your Kindle device from the website
  5. Keep your GOLD membership plan for at least 12 months, then you can cancel it. (if you wish)

via Amazon Kindle Coupon Code Offer Device Page

image via Shawn Collins.

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