Dec 202009

Perhaps you received an unwanted Kindle Gift. Or perhaps if you’re an early adopter and were one of the few who purchased a Kindle 1 or other first generation ebook reader, you now probably have it lying around collecting dust in a drawer. But wait! Why not recycle the old ebook reader…for cash. Yes! cash.

kindle 1 ebook reader

Some recyclers such as Buy My Tronics based in Colorado will take your old ebook reader and pay you for it. It then either refurbishes the device and sells it or properly recycles it for you.

The following ebook reader brands are accepted at Buy My for cash recycling:

Amazon Kindle – Kindle 1, Kindle 2, Kindle DX

Sony Reader – Sony PRS 300, Sony 500, Sony 505, PRS 600, PRS 700

iRex iLiad – First Generation, 2nd Generation

Astak EZ 6 inch

Bookeen Cybook Opus

Ectaco Jetbook

Barnes And Noble Nook – Yes! they already have the new Nook on their accepted ebook readers list, even though it just came out last month.

I’m not sure who would send in their new shiny Nook to get less than what they paid for it, unless they received two as a gift, etc. And if by chance you were lucky enough to receive several Nook ebook readers or Sony or the Kindle – this is certainly an option to score some sweet extra Christmas cash.

Obviously the better condition your old ebook reader is in, the more money you will pocket. Along with the original manual, box, cables, charger, etc. If you don’t have the original accessories, you can still send in the reader, but you will get a few dollars less.

How To

Simply visit the Buy My Tronics website, enter in your brand and model plus its condition and whatever original accessories you have for it,  then it will calculate what they will give you in cash for your old ebook reader. You place the item in a box and attach a USPS pre-paid label (which you print off of the website) and mail off. Then wait for your check to arrive in the mail.

Feel happy that not only did you do your part for the environment, but you scored some sweet cash as well.

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