Dec 302009

Apple’s ereader (likely branded as the iSlate tablet or iSlate computer) is getting plenty of attention lately as speculation on the imminent release (as early as March for around $1,000 and between 10-11 inches) of the next coolest gadget.  The device has been in development for the last 3 years and likely ready to challenge the most popular ereader (Amazon Kindle) for the top spot.  Given Apple’s track record for delivering on the hype, expect tons of publicity in the next few months leading up to the iSlate debut.

apple islate

The new Apple ereader will likely take advantage of the popular iPhone functionalities.  Since Apple has been good at keeping the project under secrecy and releasing bits of information to feed on the frenzy, we can only anticipate that the device will have a touch-screen, wireless connectivity, and computer-like capabilities.  We can speculate endlessly on the functionality, but expect the Apple iSlate tablet to redefine the ereader device market.

The ereader battle will only get more interesting as the device evolves from reading books to a computer gadget that will keep owners entertained, informed, and connected.  The winner of this ereader battle (likely Amazon Kindle 3 vs. Apple iSlate) will own a new medium to monetize and reap potential revenue from advertising dollars and e-book content.

Check out our eReader comparison to see how the latest eBook readers compare, including the Apple iPad tablet and Kindle.

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