Jan 052010

Skiff and Sprint has partnered to create the biggest reader yet at 11.5-inch display and will be previewed at the Consumer Electronic Show later this week.  Skiff Service will deliver newspapers, magazines, and books to the e-reader.  Skiff reader will be the first e-reader optimized for newspaper and magazine content.


Here are some compelling features:

  • 3G wireless through Sprint’s network
  • 11.5-inch display (2 inches bigger than Amazon’s Kindle) and only .25-inch in thickness
  • full screen touch using latest e-Paper technology from LG Display
  • enhanced durable using stainless-steel foil e-display (instead of fragile glass of most e-screens) to prevent breakage
  • 1200 x 1600 pixels resolution
  • weight just 1lb and last a week on a charge

See how these specs compare on our eReaders Comparison.

The Skiff e-reader will be available later this year at 1,000 Sprint retail locations.  Right now, everyone is speculating on the price of this sleek e-reader.  Is this the biggest e-reader display or is this just the beginning of a size trend?

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