Jan 072010

As the flood of ereaders hit the market, we can expect each player trying to stake a claim on a market segment.  We can see the ereader gold rush just beginning with the QUE proReader by Plastic Logic to serve the business industry.


In addition to supporting the basics (PDFs, digital books, magazines, and newspapers), the QUE can support Microsoft application files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and integrates with Outlook).  Additional features for the business minded include a touchscreen display (8.5 by 11 inches) and thin at 1/3 inch and light weight (only 1 pound).

The 4-GB version with Wi-Fi and storage for about 35,000 documents is $650.  The top of the line version (8-GB) is $800 and store 75,000 documents and includes both Wi-Fi and 3G capability (powered by AT&T).  It’s kind of pricey relative to the Amazon Kindle, but there’s no comparison since the QUE is more of a tablet PC and if you must work with Microsoft applications, then your choices is limited (for now). See our eReaders Comparison.

You can preorder now through their website Que.com and will ship in mid-April!

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