Jan 082010

Spring Design is touting the Alex as the first ereader to provide internet access while you read, with the ability to instantly flip pages.  This would be ideal for those trying to multi-task (just make sure that driving is not one of them!)


Here are a few other notable features:

Dual-screen: 3.5 inch color browser LCD screen while displaying books, periodicals and even personal, educational and corporate documents on the Alex’s paper-like 6 inch EPD screen.

Web browsing: first duel-screen Google Android-based ereader to fully integrate web browsing and reading with network connections (WiFi, 3G, EVDO/CDMA and GSM).

Open systems device (Android OS): the Alex has the ability to download any book or document that conforms to the Adobe ePUB/PDF/DRM standard or .txt or HTML format. Currently the Nook and Sony Readers are the leading devices for ePUB/PDF/DRM eBook formats. See our eReaders Comparison table for further details.

Alex ereader available for $399.00 starting 02/22/10 on the Spring Design site.

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