Jan 092010

A couple new ereader vendors at the CES 2010 has shown some promise for dual screens.  The concept is not really new and brings back the idea of netbooks/laptops.  Some advantages include having one of the screens act as a touch screen keyboard, multi-tasking (e.g. reading and surfing the internet), additional protection with the screens folded, and obviously more screen real estate.


Here are couple top ereader contenders with dual screens:

Entourage eDge

Entourage eDge is geared toward the education and business markets.  They have struck  deal with McGraw Hill centering around textbooks.

  • clam shell design
  • due screen with 9.7 inch E-ink and 10.1 inch LCD (Android software) which works as a stylus or touch screen
  • weights close to 3 lbs
  • on screen USB keyboard, but also works with external USB or Bluetooth keyboard
  • supports ePub and PDF
  • 4 GB of memory
  • 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with 3G wireless Internet access via modem planned for the future
  • device available sometime in February 2010 at $499


MSI Dual-Screen eReader

  • MSI is still working on the beta software, but intends to release the device later this year.  The device  looks like an ereader, but looks more like a netbook/laptop.
  • dual 10 inch muti-touch LCD screens
  • operating on Windows 7 Home Premium and powered by Intel Atom Z Series processor
  • on-screen keyboard with haptic feedback
  • accelerometer
  • GMA 500 graphics

Having dual screens definitely has some advantages and might take a few sales from the netbook market, but some non-functional related issues to consider include battery life and being heavier.  Once the kinks are worked out, the advantages of dual screens should outweigh the other issues.  The one screen vs two screen verdict is still out, but two screens appear to have a slight eDge!

See how this compares with the Kindle , Nook, and Sony Readers – see our eReaders Comparison.

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