Jan 102010

What’s better than a dedicated eReader, such as the Kindle Reader or the Sony Reader, that allows easy reading of eBooks?  The Notion Ink Adam Pixel Qi dual-mode screen is an eReader/tablet/netbook that allows you to switch modes for reading (using e-ink like technology) and everything else from surf the internet to play games, and watching movies (using backlit LCD).


The device is still in development stage, but here are some preliminary features that standout:

  • Dual-mode screen (10.1 inch screen) with electrophoretic reflective (similar to e-ink, but easier on the eyes in direct sunlight) or backlit LCD mode.
  • Android 2.0 OS
  • Nvidia Tegra 2 processor

The unique concept will help the Notion Ink Adam tablet to separate from the crowed eEreader space, but Pixel Qi startup company have some work to do in order to fulfilling the promises on making the dual-mode screens work together.

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