Jan 112010

Are you wanting to know what ebook reader audio options exist for your device? Good! We have some for you.

sony touch edition

If you own the Kindle ebook reader, you can download audiobooks from Audible.com (get a FREE Audiobook Download with a 14 Day Trial!), and since this is an Amazon company they make it nice and easy to buy and add audio books to your Kindle. Their is also the famous (or should I say infamous) text-to-speech feature available through the Kindle, which allows for automated reading. And is great for blind and disabled individuals.

If you own the Sony Reader, you can download books from the Sony eBook Store and listen to the books via the audio feature.

If you own the Nook, you can listen to your book collection via the audio speakers or headphone jacks.

Out of the top three ebook readers mentioned above, Kindle takes the prize as it currently is the only that has the text-to-speech feature. But all three do at least offer an audio option.

p.s. The reader pictured above is the groovy new Sony Daily Edition, in sleek black. Nice!

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