Jan 192010

Apple officially invited the world today to an event on Jan. 27 in San Francisco and the vague invitation says “Come see our latest creation.”  Everyone is anticipating the unveiling of the much hyped multi-media, tablet computer, or e-Reader device.

Is it an iPhone on steroids?  Is it called iSlate?  How much will it cost and when can we buy it?

So far we have the following rumors and analysis notes:

Most likely it will be a lightweight, portable tablet computer, designed for consumers to interact with digital games, books, movies and other types of content.

The price ranges from $800 to $1,000 and will ship in March.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that HarperCollins Publishers is negotiating with Apple to make electronic books available for Apple’s tablet, a move that would pose a new challenge to Amazon’s Kindle.

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