Jan 262010

Tomorrow’s Apple media event could be the day where Apple might/will change the publishing world. As everyone is anxiously waiting for the most anticipated device since the iPhone, we have gathered a few popular names:



1. iSlate (80%) – most likely name since the domain was linked/registered to Apple
2. iPad tablet (50%) – sounds too much like a feminine hygiene product
3. iTablet (20%) – maybe give Amazon Kindle a headache and take a pill

Other less promising, but fun device names:
4. iSlick (my favorite) – very cool name which invoke the notion that you can glide and multi-task
5. iSurf – what better name for surfing the internet
6. iCon – can have both positive (icon) and negative (i’m a con) connotations

What’s your favorite?  We will know tomorrow morning whether all this is hype, something revolutionary, or there’s really no device!

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