Feb 182010

IREX have announced that their eReader (DR800SG) is available for shipping.



According to a press release, you can order the IREX eReader at BestBuy.com immediately and then at the BestBuy stores in coming months.  The new device promise easy eBook downloads, longer battery life, and a bit lighter.  On the eBook side, you have access to Barnes & Noble eBookstore with 750,000 titles.

Some key features include:

  • 3G wireless access (Verizon)
  • 8.1-inch screen (ideal for books, magazines and newspapers with detailed graphics)
  • Latest electronic paper display technology, using E Ink’s Vizplex imaging film
  • 2GB built-in memory (1500 e-books)
  • Multiple formats supported (Adobe PDF, EPUB, Newspaper Direct, Fictionwise, eReader, TXT)
  • Faster page turns than competing products and navigation is easy with an interactive stylus-driven touch screen
  • Users can enlarge or reduce text size and margin widths, or select portrait or landscape mode to customize their reading experience

The IREX device’s suggested retail price is $399.99 which includes free wireless access to download eBook content.  There’s no perfect screen size, but if you prefer a screen larger than 6 inches and not as big as the Amazon Kindle DX eReader (9.7 inches), then the DR800SG is your answer as it fits nicely in the middle at 8.1 inches.

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