Mar 052010

As reported on a prior iPad post, the launch of the iPad is being delayed till April 3 due to production issues.  U.S. consumers can order the new device starting on March 12 through Apple’s website.  While the rest of the world will have to wait till later in the year.

The first iPads to go on sale will connect to Wi-Fi networks only and cost $499, $599 or $699, depending on the data storage capacity. Versions that also can connect to “3G” cellular networks (AT&T) are expected to go on sale in late April for $629, $729 or $829.

The new Apple iPad will come with 12 new applications and will run the 140,000 applications that were developed Apple’s other devices (e.g. iPhone, iPod touch).  The delay is only a few days from the original date, but it does take a little luster off of the release.

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