Mar 052010

Freescale Semiconductor, the processor chip company that produces chips for most e-readers (e.g. Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader) in the market today, announced earlier in the week that they are coming out with a new and improved chip (i.MX508 applications processor).

The faster processor is claimed to have twice the rendering performance of the current chip which will increase the device’s responsiveness (e.g. the page turning speed) and capacity of an e-reader to run applications and operate more quickly.

The other important factor is lower price of the new chip ($30 less).  More power at lower price?  Who doesn’t like that combination!  This would be music to consumer ears and wallets.  Apple might not be a happy camper since the new Freescale chip will drive down e-reader prices and put some pressure prices of the yet-to-be released Apple iPad.  The e-reader market gets more interesting as the competition heats up.  Expect Amazon to step up to the challenge by combining their newly acquired touch screen technology with the improved Freescale chip to create the next generation Kindle 3!

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