Mar 122010

According to Apple’s site, you can pre-order your iPad for delivery/pickup (at store) on April 3 or late April depending on whether you want Wi-Fi or 3G.  Prices start at $499 for 16GB Wi-Fi to top of the line 64GB (Wi-Fi and 3G).  You get free shipping and there’s a pre-order limit of two per customer.



To accessorize your iPad, here are some items that might interest you:

  • iPad Keyboard Dock ($69) full-size keyboard, charging dock, and includes rear dock connector port and an audio line out port
  • iPad Dock ($29) for docking and charging; includes rear dock connector port and an audio line out port
  • iPad 10W USB Power Adapter ($29) 6-foot cable for charging through electrical outlet
  • iPad Case ($39) for protection against sratches and dents
  • Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic ($79) for music and video listening
  • iPad Doc Connector to VGA Adapter ($29) for connecting to other devices (e.g. TV, projector) for watching slideshows and movies

Other options include:

  • Data plan (no contract) for the 3G starting at $14.99 for 250MB/month or $29.99 for unlimited through AT&T.
  • MobileMe Membership internet service at $69 for single user and $119 for family.
  • AppleCare Protection Plan at $99 which gets you hardware and software coverage and support for two years.

The total price of ownership adds up for this latest Apple device and Apple even offers a financing plan in case you haven’t saved up.  At minimum, for the price of the device, I would expect a few accessories (e.g. cover/case or charger) included as part of a package.  Until users get their hands on the device, the jury is still out on the whether the  iPad is a Kindle killer or just another expensive e-reader.

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  One Response to “Apple iPad Available For Pre-Order Today”

  1. i pre-ordered the basic model, just to test it. i predict my first impression: i will not be impressed. this is an expensive book reader, at best. with rather poor portability and fragility, it can’t substitute for an ipod in active lifestyle situations: outdoors, gym, etc.; it can’t be hung from an arm or carried in a shirt pocket (:0)) and as a portable netbook or notebook, it will lack any redeeming feature worth the purchase. for that price, plenty of netbooks will beat it to the ground in versatility and utility. i think apple fell way short of expectations here. the ipad won’t push the frontier as the iphone, ipod, and macbook did. by may i’ll probably sell my test unit at 75% sale price and wait for a new version to come out. anyone interested?

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