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Here is a stylish and cool list of the Top 10 iPad covers and cases that might tickle your fancy. I have not been very impressed by the official Apple SmartCovers and have therefore researched a better selection of iPad covers that are durable, affordable and more protective. Please note that if you are looking for a greater range of  iPad covers or cases that can be converted into a stand for hands-free viewing, (..yes, including the highly protective Otterbox Defender Series Case or the feminine and sporty designs offered by JAVOedge) you must check out our Top 10 iPad Stand Case Review.

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#1.Tuff-Luv multi-view and tri-axis covers for Apple iPad 2


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This is one little gem of a brand that I absolutely adore; the Tuff-Luv iPad covers and cases come with style and a no nonsense attitude to match. In fact, Ken Graham,  CEO of Tuff-Luv is offering a lifetime guarantee on all of the products which shows just how much the company cares about customer satisfaction. As a customer you can rest assured that your iPad will be protected from the front, back and sides. All of the Tuff-Luv covers for the iPad have a stasis feature, which means that the front panel of the covers contain magnets that will put the device into sleep mode when not in use.

These handmade iPad covers have a uniquely patented features which are well worth a little clarification:

1. The integrated multi-view stand feature with 5 viewing angle settings which allow you to use the cover as a stand for viewing the device in the horizontal positions only.

2. The tri-axis covers are more suited to your requirements, if you desire hands-free use of the iPad in the 2 portrait orientations as well as the 5 horizontal orientations.

If you idolize your iPad, these sophisticated Tuff-Luv iPad covers will ensure that your investment is secure when loaded into the pouch and is a must-have accessory for any multi-tasker who has to juggle with jobs at home or work, and even rough handling by kids. Also you’ll be spoilt for choice by the range of designs and durable materials (faux leather, real Napa leather, natural hemp and micro-fibre). In short the Tuff-Luv iPad covers deserve the No. 1 position on the Top 10 iPad covers and cases.

#2. Otterbox Reflex Series Hybrid Case for iPad 2

Otterbox iPAD1-Commuter Series Case

Click here to enlarge Otterbox Reflex Series Hybrid Case for iPad 2 image

This is a sleek low profile iPad case designed to complement your iPad. It is composed of a tough impact resistant polycarbonate shell with TPE rubber providing a stunning combination of looks and protection, and the front panel can also act like a stand. The unique feature of this case is that it has built-in audio routers that direct sound out and around you resulting in more clarity.

There are reinforced corners for protection where it counts and unobstructed access to all of your iPad’s ports and buttons. Unlike, the more rugged Defender Series case for iPad (No. 3 in our Top 10 iPad Stand Case Review), the reflex series hybrid case is only available in black.

#3. Hard Candy iPad Cover Cases Street Skin

Hard Candy Cases Street Skin for Apple Pink iPad cover case

Click to enlarge Pink iPad cover case

Hard Candy iPad Case Street Skin in Pink has received rave users reviews. It is a composed of form-fitting TPU rubber resulting in a rugged and highly protective case material which is unlikely to stretch or slacken. The textured pattern on the outer surface of the case allows it to have a better grip, also the integrated screen cover can be snapped on to 4 corner tabs on the front or back of the case when it is not in use. There is full access to the controls and ports. Available in black, white and pink.

#4. Speck Products iGuy iPad Covers

Click to enlarge Speck iGuy iPad Covers Family image

The comfortable feel of this free-standing lightweight, yet protective hard EVA foam iPad holder by Speck presents a fabulous eye-catching look for iPad fans and kids especially. It’s a case that is bound to get noticed due to it’s fun look and colors (available in lime, mango and peacock).

#5. Hard Candy iPad Cover Cases Bubble Sleeve


Click to enlarge Hard Candy iPad case image

This iPad cover case provides a secure way to protect your iPad whilst on the move with it’s rigid EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) – molded foam case which is fitted with shock-absorbing rubber bumpers underneath around the corners of the iPad. This iPad cover case doesn’t just keep your iPad protected and provide a good grip, but allows you to present it in style with Hard Candy’s characteristic bubble pattern on the canvas exterior; somewhat resembling a flattened out piece of Lego. This double zippered case allows for easy installation and removal of your amazing iPad. Although black is the most popular color in this iPad cover case range,  the pink and green iPad cover cases are also selling with very positive user feedback.

#6. Twelve South BookBook for iPad

Twelve South BookBook for iPad

Click to enlarge Twelve South BookBook for iPad image

If you are very keen on keeping your iPad extra secure from prying eyes then the antiquated hardcover look of Twelve South’s BookBook is perfect for carrying around the device in stealth. It is handmade to perfection and available in brown and red. A double zipper provides extra security for when the iPad is not in use.

#7. M-Edge iPad Covers
M-edge Latitude iPad Covers range featuring the Red iPad Cover Jacket

Click to enlarge M Edge iPad Cover image

This M-Edge iPad book-style covers open up to reveal a 4-point iPad mounting system for securing the iPad on to the back panel. All of the M-Edge covers allow access to the charging port without removing the iPad from the jacket. These covers are available in a wide range of styles to suit the discerning buyer, from executive look, sporty look, and to the feel good factor of holding an old classic.

#8. TrendyDigital Waterguard Plus Waterproof iPad Cover Case

TrendyDigital WaterGuard Plus Waterproof iPad Cover Case - Blue Border

Click to enlarge image of Waterproof iPad cover case

Now this TrendyDigital Waterguard Plus iPad case with Padding is a new improved version of the popular namesake without the padding. Evolution even takes place with iPad cases…Believe it or not. It is perfect for all you book lovers who enjoy pool-side, bathtime and beach holiday reading as it protects against water, sand, dirt and other outdoor elements.

The case itself is made of transparent plastic with a blue border around the edge and a double layer of sealing that can be pressed shut along the width of the case. The compartment that houses the iPad has fitted dimensions thereby offering the device a snug fit and extra protection. The case works like a Ziploc bag, but a lot sturdier. While your ebook reader is inside the case, all functions work pretty well, and the sensitivity of the iPad touchscreen is not lost.

Furthermore, this case has been treated to render it stable to ultra-violet light so that if it is used outdoors it will not be discolored by the sunlight. A convenient adjustable strap allows this case to be worn around the neck or hung from the shoulder. Available in blue, purple, white and pink border iPad cover cases.

#9. Boxwave Hard Shell Case

BoxWave Apple iPad Hard Shell Case (Soft Pink)

Click to enlarge iPad Shell case image

Boxwave’s heavy duty hard shell case is designed for those who want no compromises when it comes to protecting their Apple iPad. Its double zipper design allows you to lock your device away securely and the soft interior lining protects the iPad from scratches. An interior netted pocket enables you to organize personal items. The Boxwave Hard Shell iPad case is available in a wide range of colors.

#10. Kroo Tablet Carrying Case

Ipad Carrying Case GREEN Vangoddy Live Laugh Love Wrist band

Click to enlarge image of iPad carrying case

Kroo’s professional, high quality double zipper accessory bag made out of nylon offers unparalleled protection for your iPad. This  iPad case adds some chic style when travelling with your iPad. The Kroo iPad case is availabe in a variety of colors.

We hope you enjoyed our round up of the top 10 iPad covers, cases, jackets, shells and sleeves.

We here at aim to do all your research iPad Covers, iPad Cases, and other accessories to save you time. Also check out our buyers guide that details the factors to consider when Choosing The Best iPad Case.

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  1. I would like to buy a cover for my IPAD2

    Where would I be able to get it from.

    Please let me know


  2. Good review. I had to shop around for the tuff luv it at Amazon and, but it was out of stock, so I ordered a few days ago a leather Mivizu iPad 2 case called the Sense, and I also ordered an Otterbox hardshell. Best, the Mivizu folio is affordable priced at $26.99 against apple’s not smart price of $69.99. Anyways, for real protection look elsewhere.

  3. Thanks for your comments. Let us know of your experiances with iPad Covers or iPad Cases, or if you have any suggestions for the Top 10 iPad Covers and Cases list. Cheers.

  4. Great rundown guys. Thank you for the amazing information about the best cases on the market. This list will definitely play a part in picking the right case for me.

  5. Nice looking cases! Thanks for sharing this.

  6. That Pink iPad Case is pretty cool for a girl.

  7. The waterproof one, #7 could come in quite handy at times, would be a good investment for sure!

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