Mar 272010

Ever since the Kindle was first released by Amazon, it quickly became its top seller. Other brands tried to rival its popularity, including Sony and the Barnes and Noble Nook, but nothing could knock it off the top spot – the Kindle was, and is, the most coveted eReader available. But with the launch of the iPad, will Kindle be pushed off its throne?

Kindle Vs iPad: Who Are They Aimed At?

The first thing to note is that the Kindle and iPad aren’t quite aimed at the same target market. The Kindle is an ‘electronic book reader’ where are the iPad is more a portable computer/ games console/ entertainment device.

It’s undeniable that Apple release some of the hottest products, so book publishers are already keen to work with the iPad despite the fact that it isn’t a dedicated reading device. The fact that the iPad isn’t limited by a paper-like e-Ink screen allows it to make use of pictures, videos and media that publishers will surely embrace. However, Amazon are keeping up by making their Kindle format books more available than ever, through measures such as a Kindle app for the iPad.

Value for Money

In the battle of Kindle vs iPad, the Kindle may be cheaper, but the iPad has undeniably more features. This is where your reasons for buying such a device really come into play: do you just want something that makes it easy to read your books? Or are you also looking for extra features and connectivity to take your work or entertainment with you on the go? For the real book lover, the Kindle wins in terms of more books on offer, a comfortable screen, and value for money.

Where the real comparison lies is with the more expensive Kindle DX. Similarly priced to the iPad, it might be useful for those who want an easy-to-read, large e-Ink screen. However, those who want to get the very most out of their $500 might see the iPad at a smarter choice, at just $10 extra. Check out our eReaders Comparison for a point to point comparison between the iPad and Kindle DX ereader.

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