Mar 282010

The Apple iPad is set to revolutionize portable computers and eBook readers – not only in its features, style and function, but also thanks to its green credentials. That’s right: the Apple iPad is being branded as the ‘green’ choice, thanks to the fact that it’s free of PVC, Arsenic, Bromine and BFR. On top of this, it’s also extremely recyclable – like many other products in the Apple line.

But if you want to make your iPad even more eco friendly, the good news is that the response has been massive: eco friendly iPad accessories are popping up just about everywhere!

Our Picks from the Top Green iPad Accessories

Solar Chargers: Charges are already being designed that can charge the iPad from solar power alone. Solio is top of the market for eco friendly charging devices with a design that maximizes its ability to collect power from the sun. The chargers take as little as three hours to charge up, though the downside is that they do require sunlight to work.

Cork Sleeves: A UK designer has already created sustainably grown cork sleeves for laptops, and is set to do the same for the new iPad. The downside is that the cork only comes in one color – but it looks great!

Eco Cocoon: The Pakuma Eco Cocoon is created using completely recycled materials, including paper, foam and even plastic bottles! Though not specifically designed for the iPad, the 10 inch netbook case will fit the device perfectly. The Cocoon is designed to be practical, with special pockets for accessories, and a design that protects the precious iPad from any damage!

Bamboo iPad Case: This case also doubles as a stand, created from renewable bamboo with hidden steel support. The company pledges to plant 100 trees for every one it uses.

You don’t have to compromise if you want to make your iPad a little more green – these accessories are just as affordable as their traditionally made rivals (see our post on the Top 10 iPad Covers)!

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