Mar 292010

With a quick visit to the Apple website and trying to pre-order the iPad, you will see that the ship date for the Wi-Fi has been pushed back to “ship by April 12th”, instead of the original receive on April 3rd date. The Wi-Fi and 3G model are still shipping in “late April”.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether this revolutionary tablet has sold out on the initial batch? That is likely the case, since analyst estimate there were only half a million units available for the initial launch.

Another interesting development is Amazon’s website shows placeholders for the iPad, so looks like they are ready to sell the device and at the same time also selling ebooks for the iPad through Kindle for iPad. There is also a rumor that Bestbuy will be selling the tablet start April 3rd.

Haven’t pre-ordered yet and can’t wait till mid April? Try eBay! With the shortage, there are a few iPads for sale at a premium (e.g. buy it now for the 16GB Wi-Fi for around $699). Can you really sell something that’s you don’t own yet? Apparently so, as there a some bids already. Wondering how many pre-orders of the iPad were by people wanting to make a quick buck?

Preliminary iPad tablet sales are looking rosy, but until the general public gets their hands on the tablet, the jury is still out on whether the tablet is truly a magical device!

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