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apple ipad debutiPad mania is officially taking hold as the iPad release date (April 3rd) gets closer and closer.  But for those who want a glimpse into what the iPad has to offer right now, Apple has recently released a series of “iPad guided tour” videos.

These guided tours are about two minutes long each, and go into many of the iPad’s features including:

  • The Safari web browser
  • Mail services
  • Youtube videos
  • Using your iPad as an iPod
  • iBooks
  • Keynote for presentations
  • And more

No doubt the guided doors will have users drooling over just how fantastic these apps look on a screen as large as the iPad’s – a real argument against those who are saying that the iPad is simply a bigger version of the iPhone.

This larger screen makes browsing the web a lot easier, not to mention more functional when it comes to editing documents or creating presentations.  True, there are features in common with the iPod Touch and the iPhone, but there’s also so much that goes above and beyond that.  And, if you simply want it for music or videos, why would you be buying an iPad in the first place?

One thing critics will notice from the video, however, is that the iPad is yet again being used by someone who’s sitting down, holding it on their lap – a common theme for just about any promotional videos and images so far.  It begs the question – is the iPad tablet really going to be comfortable to use?

I guess we’ll all find out come Saturday, for those who were lucky enough to get their orders in on time (or can get in the queue early enough at the store)!

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