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The iPad is here!  The iPad is here!  Apple enthusiasts have waited years for a “magical device” since the iPhone to re-define the way we engage the internet. Analysts and those we got an early experience with the iPad have provided rave reviews, but is Apple’s latest creation the right fit for you?

ipad tablet device


What are the best features of the iPad?

1. Blazingly fast with the Apple’s own A4 chip.  This is about 2X faster than the iPhone 3GS.  Makes page flipping smooth and naturally fast.

2. Lightly weight at (1.5 pounds) as compared to a laptop or netbook.  The iPad is defining it’s own market that fits between the smart phones and netbooks.

3. On screen touch keyboard is great when in landscape mode. A physical keyboard dock can be purchase separately.

4. Excellent for magazines and comic books reading as the color is stunning, whether long-term reading on the LCD screen is better tan e-ink is still not determined.

5. Large screen (9.7 inches) for watching movies or videos, looking at pictures, and reading

6. Battery life at 10 hours is longer than expected.

Annoying or Missing Features

1. Typing in portrait mode with two hands is a challenge since the keys will be tiny.

2. Not suitable for activities such as editing since there’s no physical mouse or stylus for high accuracy and pin-point changes.

3. Heavy at 1.5 pounds as compared to an ereader (e.g. Kindle is only 10 ounces), so holding the device for extended periods can be tiring.

4. No multi-tasking (yet), this is not a big deal if you don’t mind doing one thing at a time.  This may actually be a good thing as you get to concentrate and finish each task before moving on to something else. On the other hand, having to close and re-open applications is a nuisances.

5. Only support Safari (Apple’s home grown browser). So, you’re out of luck if like other popular browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox.

6. Additional features that people have complained about: no camera (for web conferences, etc) or USB port, doesn’t support Flash, the memory can’t be upgrade, and the battery is not replaceable.

Is the iPad right for me?

The tablet is slick, cool, and way ahead of the competition, but is it right for the average Joe?  Before you spend a grand on the device and iPad accessories, ask yourself what activities you enjoy the most and compare that list against iPad’s best features to arrive at a decision. For example, if you are a serious reader, then maybe consider the Kindle since it’s more conducive for long-term reading. The iPad is great for those who like new gadgets and appeal to the masses that rather do away with the complexities of computers.  If you want something intuitively easy and portable, then the iPad is the perfect device for you.  Go get the magical iPad and start ipadding!

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