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Per Apple, iPad sales over the weekend launch was at 300,000 units and that’s a lot lower than what most analyst were expecting.  Does this mean the device is a failure?  Analyst always over estimate and they try to create unrealistic expectations.  To put things in perspective, the iPad first few days of sales is more successful than iPhone’s initial release.  Sales would have been better if the 3G version come out the same time (instead of later this month).

What are the top issues with the iPad?

The major complaint has been on the Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi connection signal has been weak or intermittent and that was likely due to the design and placement of the antenna.  In the past, Apple was able to fix issues with software patches, but this is something that’s hardware related.  Other complaints include overheating, broken PDF export from pages, iPad completely forgetting your network settings and password, and charging using the computer’s USB port (with status showing “Not Charging”).

What are some interesting and popular iPad apps?

As iPad specific apps (little over 3,000) are slowly being developed and approved, people will find that majority (about 80%) of the apps are not free.  Interestingly, the Kindle app for the iPad is more popular than iPad’s own and it makes a lot of sense since Amazon’s ebook selection is currently like ten times what the Apple iBook store offers.  The other benefit to having the Kindle app is that you can continue reading on any supported device and have the ability to make inline notations and save bookmarks.  The iBook store does have the convenient advantage of easier access to ebooks as compared to going through Amazon’s website.

Gaming and entertainment apps which accounts for close to 40% of all new iPad specific apps, will continue to be hot with the iPad.  A few cool apps tailored to the iPad include Marvel comics app which brings stunning graphics and Scrabble for iPad  ($10) which can be played with the iPad only or in conjunction with other Apple devices (e.g. iPhone or iPod touch).

Multi-tasking isn’t yet possible on the iPad, but the NPR app allows users to do a few things simultaneously (e.g. reading and listening to music).

The creative juices are just starting to flow as developers figure out ways to make the iPad tablet a truely magical device.  Stay tooned for more cool and exciting apps!

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  1. The iPad should be a little bit bigger. It isn’t comfortable to look films on it. But I the idea is good and the utility factor in the everyday life is good.

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