Apr 082010

With all the buzz lately about the release of the Apple iPad, there has been a lot of speculation about what other eBook reader manufacturers can do to keep a hold on the market.

Despite the fact that the Apple iPad is very different to traditional eBook readers such as the Kindle and Nook, they are undoubtedly being hit by the comparisons. Whilst the iPad is designed as a portable computer, and the Kindle/Nook look more to read like real books, there is still a question over what consumers would prefer to spend their money on.

For the ultimate book lovers who aren’t too interested in other features, there isn’t much question. After all, Nook and Kindle have far bigger eBook libraries and a much more comfortable reading screen. But for the majority of consumers, Amazon and Barnes & Noble have their work cut out to keep up.

What Can the Traditional eReaders Do to Keep Up?

Changes do appear to be coming to the eBook reader world. However, before we see any price cuts from big manufacturers such as Amazon, they seem to be trying a new tactic first – getting their products on sale in retail stores.

Barnes & Noble are set to release their Nook in Best Buy, to go on sale from April 18. On top of this, the rumours are that Kindle will be sold in Target from April 25.

It’s hoped by the manufacturers that the benefits of giving customers a model they can see, test and feel in stores will make them more keen to buy. It makes sense. After all, eBook readers are a huge investment. And, it’s important to remember, many consumers still prefer the non-glare screen that E-Ink can provide. Something that the Apple iPad is lacking for the true book lovers.

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