Apr 092010

Hewlett-Packard have recently started to leak information about their new tablet computer, a possible new rival for the Apple iPad, for ebook readers.

hp slate


Information about the HP Slate started to spread this week, in a hope that it would benefit from the buzz surrounding the recent launch of the Apple iPad last weekend, according to Computerworld.

What We Know About HP Slate

A glimpse of the HP Slate was first given earlier on in the year at the CES trade show. Since then, a few videos have been posted on Youtube, and certain titbits have been released through the official blog.

The most recent facts to come to light include information about the price: $549 for the base version, a 32GB model, and a 64GB version costing $599. This easily beats the Apple iPad’s 32GB model which sells for $600.

How Does It Really Rival the iPad?

From what we know, it seems like the Slate will have a number of advantages over the iPad:

  • Graphics for 1080p playback,
  • USB 2.0 port,
  • VGA webcam and 3.0 megapixel camera,
  • SIM card tray,
  • Pen/ digitizer support,
  • SD card reader.

On top of this, it also weighs roughly the same as the iPad, and has a good widescreen display.

However, the Slate still has some disadvantages: just five hours battery life compared to iPad’s 10, and the fact that in runs Windows 7.

In fact, the hardware is all there to suggest that it will be a fantastic device. Where it falls short is the fact that it just doesn’t have the software that Apple boasts – the Apps, the operating system. For now, it seems that Apple could maintain its dominance on that basis alone.

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  One Response to “HP Slate – New Rival to the iPad?”

  1. Based on a mini-review from yesterday (April 19th), the Slate seems to basically be a glorified Netbook.

    Quote: “The official verdict is meh.” Yeah, ouch. Apparently the Slate’s biggest strength is also its greatest weakness — it’s essentially a touchscreen netbook, and that means that while it can run everything including Flash, it can be “slow and annoying.”

    Go back and do you homework, HP!

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