Apr 142010

google tablet

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According to recent reports, Google is currently working on a new tablet to rival the Apple iPad.

The New York Times reported recently that Google was already working on its new tablet. No specifications have yet been released, nor any price, but it is a clear indication of yet more rivals stepping up to try and get a piece of this growing market.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Google and Apple going head to head – they are already directly competing with their iPhone and Nexus One handsets, as well as between their browser’s Chrome and Safari.

What Is the Google Tablet?
This new tablet has been described by chief executive Eric Schmidt as being a reader which will also perform other functions, as a portable computer. It would make use of the Android operating system, Google’s own, and it is also rumoured that it could use the Google Book service to make it a rival to Amazon’s Kindle books and Apple’s iBooks and compete in the eBook readers market.

Experts are already looking deeper into Google’s choice to use Android over their simpler Chrome operating system. The real reason seems to be behind the ease of developing apps. Apps are the real reason for the iPad’s current dominance in the portable technology world, and it seems Google wants a piece of that.

What Will Google Provide That Apple Doesn’t?

Another major point of note is that Google appear to be working hard to provide users with what has been lacking in the Apple iPad: Flash. The fact that iPad doesn’t support flash has been a major turn-off for some potential customers, many of whom are likely to switch towards Google if the means are there.

Time will tell what else Google chooses to add to its new device – whether it simply competes with the iPad’s features, or going further to come up with something new.

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  One Response to “New Google Tablet Aimed At the iPad Market”

  1. Another contender: the WePad from the German manufacturer Neofonie. It sports a larger screen than the iPAd, includes 2 USB ports, a camera and a card reader as well as a GPS chip.

    I hope to see the same feature-richness coming from Google, plus full integration with the “Google-grid”. If that’s the case: iPad watch out!

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