Apr 202010

The focus for dedicated ebook Readers, such as the Amazon Kindle reader, Sony Reader or Barnes and Noble Nook reader, has always been readability. For avid readers, the idea of reading from a screen instead of paper doesn’t always sit right. Whilst e-Ink has gone a long way to address this concern, technology has recently been developed that makes eReaders look less like computer screens and much more like paper.

Introducing ‘The Page’

The Page, as its name suggests, is an eReader created by Jae Kim designed to look like a sheet of paper. Not only is it as thin as paper, bit it can also be folded both for storage and to enable it to be propped up when reading.

It’s e-Ink screen is designed to display both text and images, and is particularly useful for displaying newspaper and magazines in a closer way to their print originals. Many eReaders have been striving to make layouts easier to read, which the page also focuses on.

However, it does much more than just bringing the benefits of print media to a digital device. It also goes further to bring us more than we could ever expect from a standard paper magazine. For example, it is weatherproof when it comes to snow, wind, rain and sun, and is far stronger than paper.

Users would also be able to change the layout and information as they wanted. The screen would be able to refresh as users interact with it, and could even possibly play videos.

A Glimpse Into the Future eReader World?

As of yet, the Page is still only a concept, but a pretty impressive one. It’s clear to see how a reader such as this could well and truly bridge the gap between paper and digital media, but how soon it will become available remains to be seen.

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