Apr 222010

Whilst eReaders are some of the hottest gadgets around, there’s no denying the fact that they are a little too expensive for some. The good news is that a new, affordable eReader is due to be released next month costing just $149, and is now available for pre-order in Canada: the Kobo Reader (it’s name an anagram of ‘book’).

kobo reader

The specifications for this bargain eReader include:

  • A 1GB memory that can story around 1000 eBooks,
  • Mini USB port,
  • Bluetooth wireless radio,
  • 6 inch e-Ink display,
  • SD card slot to expand memory by up to 4GB,
  • 7.24 x 4.72 x 0.39 inches in size, and 7.8 ounces weight.

How Does the Kobo Compare to Other Readers on the Market?

The screen on the Kobo looks just as good as some other leading devices, such as the Barnes & Noble Nook reader and Sony Reader. It’s even larger than the latter, with a bigger memory at a smaller price!

Some features are missing, such as a touch screen display, to keep costs down. Instead, the Kobo uses a directional pad below the screen. There are four buttons on the left side of the device taking you Home, to the Menu, Display Options, and Back.

The Kobo connects to your Mac or PC using the mini USB port, and does not include support for WiFi or 3G to download books on the go. Supported formats include PDF, EPUB and more. This means you can use a variety of online eBook stores to buy books that will work on the Kobo eReader.

The Reader comes with 100 classic titles, or you can browse Kobo’s own store for a good eBook selection.


The Kobo doesn’t really lack any of the features you’ll need from a dedicated reading device. Though you can’t buy books on the go, that isn’t an issue for most users who can simply load up eBooks from their PC before they go on a trip. The hardware is also very good for the price, and comparable to some of the top name eReaders on the market.

In short, its price will make Kobo a very popular reader and more accessible to a wider audience than many of its competitors.

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  1. While investigating the Kobo, to see how it compared to the others, I visited the Kobo store- I hated how it was organised! When browsing by genre, the books are not organised by author, and there’s no “search by author” function. You can search by putting in the author’s name, but you’ll get all kinds of unrelated stuff in the results, and they still didn’t seem to be organised by author or anything sensible. Barnes and Noble was far easier to navigate.

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