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Welcome to the ebookreaderguide.com Top 10 of the Best Designer Canvas and Fabric Nook Covers and Cases, following the success of our post Designer Leather Nook Covers.

When you settle down to read your favourite ebook with your great pride and joy, the Barnes and Noble Nook or NookColor tablet, spare a thought that your new Nook device may be in need of some protection from bumps and scratches.

If you want to keep your Nook swaddled out of harm’s way it is well worth investing in a Nook cover. But why not combine style with functionality. With your new Nook on the block you’ll be spoilt for choice with our stylish selections from some top designers commissioned to create eco-friendly Nook covers.

All of the Nook and NookColor covers selected for list allow easy accessibility to ports and buttons while the device remains in the cover so that you have round-the-clock protection for your precious investment. Enjoy!

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#1. JAVOEdge Cherry Blossom Nook Covers and NookColor Covers

JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Flip Case Nook Color covers

Click to enlarge Cherry Blossom Nook Cover image

The JavoEdge Cherry Blossom Cover in flip style or book style  is beautiful and not surprisingly the most popular design from the JAVOEdge brand, as it shows a traditional Japanese floral print on the front flap where a magnetic closure allows easy access to the Nook or NookColor. The flip style case includes a kickstand to allow for convenient hands-free viewing. Also note that these covers are available in the following 4 colors, cocoa, ocean blue and twilight purple and red. Both flip style and book style covers include interior pockets for the storage of documents.

#2. JAVOEdge Tweed Nook Covers and NookColor Covers

JAVOedge Tweed Flip Case Nook Color covers

Click to enlarge Tweed nook cover image

This range has a very classy, traditional look with its tweed fabric exterior. The front cover opens up with a magnetic closure to reveal pockets for storing business cards.

#3. JAVOEdge Fleur Nook Covers and NookColor Covers

JAVOedge Fleur Flip Case for the Nook Color cover

Click to enlarge JAVOEdge Fleur Nook Covers and NookColor Covers image

These JAVOEdge Fleur covers in flip style and book style  can only be described as delightfully pretty, and well suited for enhancing a feminine look with an antiquated  floral pattern on canvas in blue, cocoa and red. They have the JAVOEdge hallmark of a magnetic closure on the cover when the device is not in use plus internal storage pockets for papers.

#4. JAVOEdge Poppy Case Nook Covers

JAVOedge Poppy Flip Style Case Nook cover

Click to enlarge JAVOedge Poppy Flip Style Case Nook cover image

These flip style or book style JAVOEdge Poppy cases add a splash of vibrant wildflowers to protect your Nook. A magnetic closure allows you to safely transport your device when it is not in use. Internal pockets allow convenient storage for documents and cards. Unfortunately, they are not as yet available for the NookColor.

#5. Punctuation Nook Cover

Click to enlarge Punction nook cover image

Jonathan Adler’s groovy cover graphically displays the ampersand symbol on his bold and beautiful Punctuation Nook Cover. A key feature of this cover is that it carries an internal business card holder. It’s made from 100% cotton canvas which has been treated with 3M Scotchguard to protect against stains and repel liquid.

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