May 022010

Automatic upgrade of Kindle firmware is due to be rolled out by the end of May 2010. This brings new capabilies to the Kindle ebook reader, the most interesting being exchanging and discussing passages in books directly from the device. As well as the Kindle community, other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter will be accessible.

Another enhancement is the introduction of a collection tool. This responds to a common request for improved ebook management capabilities on the Kindle 2 and DX which can store up to 4000 ebooks. Users have improvised by creating tags in the note field and will no doubt welcome this development.

A third area of improvement is the native PDF function which was introduced in November 2009. This is to receive pan and zoom capabilities to improve reading of small fonts and image detail. Readability of other document formats benefit with 2 larger font options.

A fourth improvement is better security with the introduction of a password protection.

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  1. I have the newest Kindle with the newest firmware but have had trouble reading pdf files, especially due to size and formating but even including freezes. Which reader would you recommend for pdf files.

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