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Welcome to the leather Nook and NookColor covers and cases recommendations. If you prefer recommended products that are animal-friendly then browse through our popular post Best Designer Canvas & Fabric Nook Covers and Cases.

If you are looking to lavish some attention and protection on your Barnes and Noble Nook  or Nook Color ebook reader, you can indulge yourself with these genuine leather Nook cover selections created by some  innovative designers.

Being a discerning buyer that appreciates good quality of workmanship, I am of the opinion that a book-style or flip-style Nook cover that allows accesssibility to all of the buttons and ports is the best choice as it will provide all round protection from bumps, scratches and in the worst case scenario…drops!

There are some great Nook covers that incorporate a stand feature in the design; a superb way to enjoy a hands-free read of the latest bestseller while sipping your morning coffee. Unfortunately, Barnes and Noble do not offer such variety in their designs so we have researched the best products that cater for these specific needs to save you time.

We have compiled a short-list of some of the best quality styles for protecting and showing off your Nook in our Best Top 10 Leather Nook Covers and Cases round-up. Enjoy!

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#1. Kate Spade’s Jane Street Nook cover
Kate Spade Jane Street Pink Marmalade Nook Coverkate spade chocolate poppy Nook Cover

Click to enlarge Jane Street Nook Cover Image

My favorite Nook cover in the Jane Street range is the striking one in bright pink colored genuine leather exterior with a marmalade colored interior. This vivacious Nook cover includes 2 slip pockets in the left side of the case interior and 8 card slots. It is  well constructed and stitched and provides a good grip. As the saying on the cover reads “She kept her nose in a book and her head in the clouds”, you will enjoy retreating with your Nook to escape the stress of everyday life.
If you are a dedicated follower of fashion you’ll know that Kate Spade designs some of the most sought after women’s accessories and what better way to make the ladies in your lives reel with delight with this gorgeous Nook accessory. Now, here’s a little secret folks, it’s cheaper at compared to Barnes and Noble.
I, just like hundreds of other fashionistas, am eagerly waiting for a Kate Spade NookColor covers to be released.

#2. Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Nook Color Covers

Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Traditional Leather Case Cover For Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Click to enlarge Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Traditional Leather Case Cover For Barnes & Noble Nook Color image

The Tuff-Luv range by I-nique is a well known British brand that have designed and manufactured ebook reader and tablet covers with multi-view stand features; thereby giving your hands a well earned rest from reading and surfing. Now available for the Nook Color, the all-new Tri-Axis Nook Color cover affords hands-free reading at 3 different angles in the portrait mode and both landscape modes. These Nook Color covers are available in both real leather and faux leather in either purple or black.

#3. rooCase Multi-View Stand Leather NookColor Covers

rooCase Multi-View (Red) Leather Case Cover with 22 Angle Adjustable Stand for NOOKcolor cover

Click to enlarge rooCase Multi-View (Red) Leather Case Cover image

Since the NookColor was launched rooCase rapidly jumped on the bandwagon and produced some well-thought out NookColor covers which have a flip style with a 22 position multi-view stand feature. These covers also have a small pocket for carrying papers, a magnetic button closure for when the device is not in use and a limited lifetime replacement warranty.

Now considering that the NookColor is not only an ebook reader, but also a multi-functional Android tablet that can display photos and play movies, it makes sense to give your arms a rest at times and have the convenience of complete hands-free viewing.  They are available in 4 colors: black, red, grey graphite and pink.

#4. BoxWave Nero Leather Nook and NookColor Covers

BoxWave Nero Leather Vertical Flip NOOKColor Case

Click to enlarge BoxWave Nero Leather Vertical Flip NOOKColor Case image

These Nook covers, which are available in book style (6.6 oz) or vertical flip style (6.1 oz), are made of genuine leather and offer a lightweight solution to protecting your Nook, yet affording a classic executive look in black.

In both book style and flip style,  the Nook is simply held in place on the rear panel by 4 elasticated leather straps. There is a small pocket for documents on the interior of the front panel of the book style cover only. A magnetically secured pull out kick-stand feature on the flip style cover affords convenient hands-free reading.

Fortunately BoxWave have been quick to manufacture book style (6.1 oz) and vertical flip style (7.4 oz) NookColor covers too, where the device is secured into the rear panel by an upper  cup and 2 elasticated leather straps lower down.

A bonus for me was that a magnetic flap closure provided added protection in all of these BoxWave Nook covers.

#5. M-Edge Icon Jacket Nook Covers

Red M-Edge Icon Jacket For Nook

Click to enlarge Red M-Edge Icon Jacket For Nook image

If you want to dress up your Nook with a stylish clutch bag type cover then these beautiful timeless selections, which come in 4 colors in polished patent leather (black and red) or crocodile embossed leather (amethyst and bronze), are definitely worth investing in for swathing your cherished device.
The Nook is held in place by a 4 corner elasticated leather mounting system, with pockets for documents and cards on the front panel, plus a useful pen holder. A concealed magnetic closure on the uppermost flap helps to keep the Nook secure and offers hassle-free accessibility to the Nook when not in use. A detachable wrist strap that allows one to carry the device around safely is also a functional bonus.
M-Edge are reputed for the high quality products and I am looking forward to their new range of Icon Jacket Nook covers for the NookColor.

#6 . BundleMonster Nook Covers

Bundle Monster Barnes & Noble Nook Ebook Genuine Leather Opening Case Cover Jacket with Interior Compartments

Click to enlarge Bundle Monster Nook Leather Case image

I was surprised to discover this brand manufactured such well made, sturdy genuine leather Nook covers in 6 colors; you really are spoilt for choice. The Nook device is secured by 4 elasticated leather straps to the rear panel with a magnetic clasp that closes the cover when the device is not in use.

But the feature that won me over to the BundleMonster brand was the fact that the interior of the front panel of the cover had numerous little compartments for storing business cards and payment cards.

#7. TrendyDigital NookGear Folio Nook Cover

TrendyDigital NookGear Folio Case for Nook

Click to enlarge TrendyDigital NookGear Folio Case image

This Nook cover is made of black leather and offers a snug padded fit for your Nook with it being secured by 4 corner elasticated straps. The cover uses a double zipper closure which is particularly effective you want to store your device very securely from particulate matter that co-habits your rucksack or handbag. There are interior pockets for storing business cards and papers; and a loop for pen/pencil storage. The case allows complete access to all ports, buttons when it is unzipped.

#8. M-Edge Executive Jacket for Nook Cover

M-Edge Executive Jacket for Nook in Pebbled Mocha with Saddle

Click to enlarge M-Edge Executive Jacket for Nook image

This is a very sophisticated range of Nook covers which include all of the hallmark features of the M-Edge brand; i.e. 4 point mounting system for the Nook, interior pockets for storing cards and documents. If you require a professional look for transporting your Nook then take your pick from the smart colors available in the Executive Jacket. For additional security the device can be safely stored by closing the leather flap on the outside of the cover.

#9. M-Edge GO! Jacket Nook Covers

M-edge Go Jacket Marbled Red Nook Cover

Click to enlarge Jacket nook cover

These sleek Nook covers are low profile slim covers with a luxurious leather exterior.  They are available in a variety of colors including marbled red, pebbled fushia, smooth mocha, smooth black, pebbled purple, jade green and pebbled navy blue.
Although these Nook covers have the trademark M-Edge 4 point mounting system that secures the device to the cover, there is no closure flap on the outside of the cover. So unless you take very good care of your Nook and want a lightweight cover  (5 oz) that does not add bulk, this is the best option.

#10. Leslie Hsu’s Madison Trifold Nook Covers
Leslie Hsu's Madison Trifold Nook CoverLeslie Hsu's Madison Trifold in Crimson Nook Cover

Click to enlarge Leslie Hsu’s Trifold nook cover image

This textured leather exterior Nook cover is are available in 2 colors, crimson and mink. This smart design allows you to refasten the cover flaps at the rear, thereby creating a neat slender profile for comfortable reading. A synthetic suede interior lining includes functional pockets.

#11. Leslie Hsu’s pigment dyed leather Hutton envelope Nook covers
Hutton Envelope Petal Nook CoverHutton Envelope Bark Nook Cover

Click to enlarge Leslie Hsu’ Hutton Envelope Nook Cover Image

These are are timeless classics. There are 3 colors in the range which include petal, bark and noir. The concealed magnetic closure on the envelope flap reveals a nylon compartment lining and synthetic suede flap lining. Hutton Envelope Petal and Hutton Envelope Bark are shown above.

We hope that you enjoyed our selection. We will keep you updated with the latest leather Nook and NookColor covers as we discover them. Don’t forget to let your family and friends know!

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