May 162010

With 9 countries preparing for the proposed international release of the Apple iPad on 28 May 2010, there have been delays in the global distribution of iPads due to the overwhelming demand exceeding supply in the US, and shipment disruption due to volcanic ash from the Eyajafjallajokull volcano in Iceland. As a result, Apple have extended the release date to 7 June in these countries.

Advance orders from markets in Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and UK were commenced on 10 May 2010 so that eager overseas customers could get a taste of the much-hyped revolutionary offering from Apple.

Not only has the longer wait been a cause of frustation for customers, but a harder tablet to swallow for international buyers is the discrepancy in the pricing of the iPad; the iPad is being launched at highly inflated prices in relation to their US counterparts.

However if you are feeling extravagrant and your patience is wearing thin that you want to acquire a unique iPad that really stands out from the rest, then look no further than British designer Katherine Hughes who has crafted a WiFi + 3G, 64 GB iPad where the rear case and the bezel are made of 271g 22 carat solid gold. The Apple logo on the rear case is encrusted with 53 diamonds. The price I hear you ask? Hold your breath……..It’s a jaw-dropping $190,000. Stuart Hughes, the company modifying the iPads will not be working overtime though as only 10 units of the Solid Gold iPad Supreme Edition are to be manufactured for worlwide sales. So, grab one while you can folks. As for myself, I shall be quite content to test out the relatively inexpensive aluminium version.

Whether you finally choose to opt for the mass produced iPad or the luxury designer brand, we recommend that you protect your Apple iPad once it arrives with a cover or case from our selection in the Top 10 iPad Covers and Cases.

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