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The Apple iPad, one of the hottest portable gadgets on the planet, looks fairly robust, however it is imperative the you provide it with the best possible protection as its polished aluminium surface renders it slippery to the touch and its glass touchscreen is susceptible to scratches, fingerprints and dust.

So what is an iPad user to do to help alleviate this problem and to make viewing the iPad a more enjoyable experience. Well, you will be reassured to hear that help is at hand, I first tried the Official Apple iPad case and found that it was functional in that it enabled me to use the iPad like a book, also in the propped up position for viewing movies and in the elevated landscape orientation for typing on the touchscreen keyboard. However, I found some important drawbacks. I doubt if the Official Apple iPad case would survive day-to-day use as the exterior became scuffed and scratched and a design flaw in the cover flap prevented it being securely closed. More importantly, I found the the Apple case was not very stable when it was propped up for viewing movies. So, I was on the hunt for the perfect iPad cover or case which was affordable, durable, adorable to hold, and one that allowed me to watch movies and slideshows without me having to prop it up with telephone directories and stop it sliding with coffee mugs !

During my research I discovered that there is a plethora of protective and stylish iPad covers and cases out there on the market, as so many manufacturers have boarded the iPad accessories bandwagon since its debut. The process of choosing the best form of protection for your device can be quite bewildering, so you need to bear in mind some key features and ask yourself a few questions before you make your final choice.

iPad Screen Protector

The iPad’s magical glass touchscreen provides the interactive gateway to the multitude of applications and it is vital that its surface remains unscathed as the odd scratch here or there could impair its beauty. Some of the best iPad cases provide a soft, smooth interior surface that makes direct contact with the touchscreen. Despite this, it is advisable to invest in some additional custom-fit thin,optically clear, durable iPad screen protector. The screen protector has to be thin so that the screen’s touch sensitivity is not compromised. An optically clear screen protector ensures that the display is not distorted. iPad screen protectors which have key features such as scratch resistance, anti-glare, 4-or 2-way privacy and matte finish (to reduce visibilty of fingerprints) are available for the discerning customer.


It is important that an iPad case has some type of closure to keep the iPad secure and to minimize the amount of dust settling on the device. A button, velcro strap or zipper type closure is a key feature to look out for when choosing an iPad case.


A hand-held  iPad case has either a book style, snap on hard shell or zipper to keep the iPad secure within its enclosure. If you want to read for an extened period, view movies or type on the touchscreen keyboard  it would be tiring to hold the device in your hands, Would you like to view the iPad by holding it in your hands in a book style form or would you prefer the additional feature of a case that tranforms into a  stand to allow hands-free operation so that you can multi-task at home or in the office? There are a few high quality iPad cases that enable the user to view the iPad in multi-position angles e.g. Tuff-Luv Multi-View Napa Leather case and the JavoEdge Axis Stand case are some of the best.

Long Lasting

The durability and feel of the material of an iPad case is an important consideration. Some materials can easily be scratched, scuffed and attract dust, thereby losing their initial fresh appearance. A genuine leather iPad case adds a sense of elegance and is very durable to the stress of everyday use. It also allows you to portray a professional business style image. Genuine leather iPad cases are available in a wide range of attractive colors to support a stylish look. TPU rubber and molded EVA-foam have recently been used by Hard Candy Cases to develop a range of high protection iPad cases as these materials provide shock absorbancy for this brand’s Street Skin and Bubble Sleeve products.


A canvas or fabric iPad case opens up a variety of colors, imprinted designs and 3 dimensional features that can create very unique styles e.g. Speck Products Apple iPad Fitted Case in Classic Plaid. A textile iPad case is comfortable to hold and provides a good grip in the hand.

Water Repellent

An iPad case made of synthetic material such as neoprene, plastic and nylon is water repellent which is a useful attribute particularly if you intend to use the device in a place where it is likely to get splashed with water. There are also a range of products that use high quality TPU rubber for great protection from water splashes.

Accessibility to Charging Port, Sensors and Buttons

You’ll need to charge up your device, so an iPad case that offers easy accessibility to the charging ports is a must-have feature. Usually the book style, snap-on hard shell and double zippered iPad cases allow the user to charge the iPad without having to fully remove it from the case.

Extra Storage for Accessories

If you want an iPad case that allows you to transport iPad accessories and travel documents then you may prefer to choose one that has internal pockets for the storage of payment cards.

Whatever you decide we at eBookReaderGuide hope that you are able to make the right informed choice. Also, check out our latest Top 10 iPad Covers and Cases and iPad Stand Cases round-ups where you can view images of some of the iPad cases featured in this post.

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