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Welcome to the Best Kindle DX covers and cases round-up.

So, are you thinking of investing in a Kindle DX? Or have you already become the proud owner of a Kindle DX? If you already own one, I am sure you are realizing how fantastic it is to carry your personal library of ebooks in a device so relatively lightweight. Believe me when I tell you that it’s Pearl E Ink display is superb for reading graphic loaded books, newspapers and magazines.

Without some form of protection, your Kindle DX is susceptible to scratches and heaven forbid it could easily slip out of your hands and suffer a nasty bump. Considering the Kindle DX weighs around 18 oz I would prefer to permanently protect the device with a durable cover that allows hassle-free accessibility to all buttons and ports and provides the option of hands-free reading from time to time.

For all you dedicated ebook lovers out there we have got a selection of some of the best Kindle DX covers and cases for you to protect and adorn your gorgeous gadget. This list complements our extremely popular Top 10 Kindle Covers And Cases post. Enjoy!

#1. Amazon Kindle DX Leather Covers

Amazon Kindle DX Leather Covers

The Amazon own brand of Kindle DX leather covers are some of the best selling and highly rated Kindle DX covers available. Weighing in at about 12 oz I guess you could say that these covers are a little on the heavy side, but if it’s good protection for your device that you require, then a bit of extra weight is compromisable.
A patent-pending Amazon hinge system secures the Kindle DX to the actual cover, with an additional elasticated strap to further protect the device when it is not in use. Furthermore, these Kindle DX covers are available in 7 appealing colors in genuine pebble-grain leather with a soft grey microsuede interior.

#2. Otterbox Commuter Series Kindle DX Black Case


Otterbox are a well known brand for their protective cases for some of the most popular and treasured gadgets. This particular case is only available in black and it offers supreme armor for your Kindle DX and just a little extra weight (18 oz). It consists of a one-piece custom molded polycarbonate shell; durable silicone mid-layer; self-adhesive clear protective film for the screen. There is accessibility to all buttons plus silicone plugs for covering ports.

#3. JAVOedge Executive Case for Kindle DX

JAVOedge Executive Flip Style Case for the Amazon Kindle DX

So far JAVOedge do not have such a diverse range of Kindle DX covers but the best protection that this brand offers is the Executive case which is only available in black synthetic leather with an eye catching crocodile skin effect. Depending on your preference, there is the book style case or flip style case, which allows hands-free reading by way of a pullout kickstand. Both types of case secure the device well with the added bonus of a snap button closure. There are also pockets for storing documents and business cards and a useful pen/pencil loop.

#4. Periscope Flip Style Kindle DX Cover With LED Light

Periscope Flip Cover+Light for the Kindle DX

So far, Amazon have not released the Kindle DX version of their bestselling lighted cover for the latest generation devices. Well, in my opinion I believe that the Periscope Kindle DX cover with an integrated light is most defiitely the next best thing.

I initially expected the cover to be bulky and cumbersome especially when extending and retracting the twin LED light. However, I am pleased to admit that this product has exceeded my expectations; it can be comfortably held in the hands (weighing only 12 oz) and in the easel position the cover facilitates hands-free reading too. The reading light can be used to illuminate the whole screen of the device in a poorly lit environment.

When not in use the Kindle DX can be safely transported and stored using the magnetic closure on the cover.

#5. Kindle DX CaseCrown Double Memory Foam Pouch Case with Front Pocket – in Black, News Print or Alligator Skin Pink

Amazon's Kindle DX CaseCrown Double Memory Foam Pouch Case with Front Pocket - Alligator Skin Pink

Are you are looking for a protective travel bag designed specifically for the Kindle DX? Then this is the bag for you.

The problem with the Kindles DX is simply moving them around safely. Whilst they are usually safe in your hand, when put in a suitcase the Kindle can move around too easily as can other objects such as coins, pens, and keys. But considering how useful they are on trips and holiday the last thing you want to do is leave them at home!

This is where this fantastic Kindle bag comes in. It is contains a shock absorbing double memory foam pouch to protect your Kindle from harm when it is being transported. More importantly it is also designed for the specific dimensions of the Kindle and held securely by four internal straps – so you know that you are not going to have it scratched or chipped as it slides around with other items.

A welcome bonus with this bag is it is an attractive, stylish design that allows you to carry it without worrying about what other people think – they will be admiring not criticizing it! The distinctive two tone Alligator Skin Pink case will definitely appeal to feminine ebook reader, whilst the Black case will appeal to the quiet strong types. If you can’t decide which you are more comfortable with you can always go for the Newsprint style case with grey tones.

The bag is light-weight and slim compact design, yet designed to allow space for the usual Kindle accessories such as charging cable and reading light, so you don’t need to worry about leaving those at home either. The bag is also water resistant.

This bag is all but a must have for travelling Amazon Kindle owners.

#6. M-Edge Latitude Kindle DX Jacket

M-Edge Latitude Kindle DX Jacket

Click to enlarge Blue Leather Kindle DX cover image

#7. TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case for Kindle DX, Purple Border

TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case for Kindle DX, Purple Border

Click to enlarge Waterproof Kindle DX case image

#8. Tuff-Luv Leather Case Cover for Amazon Kindle DX Flip Style, Pink.

Tuff-Luv Leather case cover for Kindle DX Flip Style Pink (other colors available)

Click to enlarge image of Pink, Black, and Red Kindle DX cover case

#9. M-Edge Executive Leather Kindle DX Jacket, Marbled Red

M-Edge Executive Leather Kindle DX Jacket Marbled Red

Click to enlarge Red Leather Kindle DX cover image (also in Pebbled Fushia, Smooth Mocha Brown, Pebbled Black, Smooth Black, Pebbled Navy, Pebbled Saddle Brown and Smooth Red)

#10. Timbuk2 Nylon Kindle DX Sleeve, Multi Camo/Heartbreaker/Multi Camo

Timbuk2 Nylon Kindle DX Sleeve Multi Camo Heartbreaker (other designs available)

Click to enlarge Kindle DX sleeve image

We hope you liked eBookReaderGuide’s best Kindle DX Covers and Cases.

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