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Congratulations, you’ve become the proud owner of an iPad.You’ve unpackaged the device, felt its polished body and appreciated the untarnished beauty of the colorful display. BUT, it’s only a matter of time before it gets a scratch, hard knock  or is dropped. If you intend to use your iPad as an ebook reader or for viewing movies and slideshows, it is imperative that your iPad is well protected with a specially fitted iPad cover or iPad case to make the experience enjoyable. Furthermore, to add convenience wouldn’t it be great to use the iPad on a stable stand so that you can have your hands free to catch a bite to eat at the same time or be able to type easily on the screen?

I must quickly add that I was rather disappointed with the Official Apple iPad Case for two reasons. Firstly, the material appeared flimsy, offering low protection for my iPad and easily got scratched and scuffed after a few days of use. Secondly, when the case was adjusted to act like a stand, it just did not appear very stable. My iPad deserved superior quality protection, and I began to search for an alternative that would provide the perfect solution for my needs. So, I’d like to share my findings with you.

What you need is a case or cover that is constructed of durable, high quality material and one that will protect the delicate touchscreen when the device is not in use. If you are wise enough to keep the iPad in a cover or case at all times, full accessibility to charging ports and buttons is an important pre-requisite and also you will need to have a product that provides maximum stability when the case or cover is transformed into an iPad Stand.

At eBookReaderGuide.com we have researched iPad covers and iPad cases that provide you with the best hands-free iPad viewing experience, so check out our latest and greatest compilation of the Top 10 iPad Stand Case Review. If you would like further reviews on our selection of the best protection products for the iPad, check out our Top 10 iPad Covers and Cases.
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#1. Tuff-Luv Multi-View Stasis Covers for Apple iPad

Tuff-Luv multi-view Napa Leather iPad covers cases range featuring the black iPad cover

Click to enlarge Multi-view iPad case cover image

Manufactured by Tuff-Luv

It’s Tuff by name, and Tuff by nature. There are a number of special attributes about this Tuff-Luv iPad stand case which have excelled it to the No. 1 position on the eBookReaderGuide.com listing.

The range comprises of suede, real leather and faux leather cases in a variety of colors and patterns. These cases are absolutely luxurious to the touch and you can be sure that the touchscreen will be well protected as it is in contact with a smooth interior surface. A single snap closure on the case holds the front and back panels securely in place when the device is not in book-style use. The iPad device itself slides in through the rear panel and is secured by a snap button closure. The case is handmade with perfect stitching and excellent quality of workmanship.

The elegance of this case is further enhanced by a strip of 5 black snap buttons which runs across the middle of the front cover; now here is the innovative functionality of this stylish feature. The 5 snap buttons are part of the integrated multi-view technology patented by the manufacturers, Tuff-Luv to allow this iPad case to be transformed into an iPad stand with 5 comfortable viewing angles. Whilst in landscape mode, at an elevation of 20 degrees the iPad stand is perfect for typing and surfing the internet and at an elevation of 70 degrees, the iPad stand is suitable for viewing movies too, with excellent stability. Tuff-Luv sure have done their homework to make the best iPad stands currently on the market. As an added bonus this product comes to you with a lifetime guarantee.

#2. JavoEdge Axis Case for the Apple iPad

JAVOedge Charcoal Axis Case for the Apple iPad

Click to enlage Javoedge Axis iPad case image

The JavoEdge Axis Case is an item that I have been looking forward to reviewing, and I have not been disappointed. This book style cover for the iPad is well padded to guarantee full protection for the whole device and is light and comfortable to hold for an enjoyable read. Now here’s the innovative design feature that has shot this ipad case to the No.2 position in the eBookReaderGuide.com Top 10 iPad Stand Case Review.

When this case is opened up, the rear panel of the case allows the iPad to be tilted at 3 viewing angles in landscape mode. Also, in addition, a nifty rotating mechanism on the rear panel allows the iPad to be tilted at 3 viewing angles in portrait mode. Does the case provide good stability for the iPad in all of the 6 different positions? The answer is a big YES as there are 3 sets of rubber steps on the inner part of the front panel to prop up the tilted iPad. This case also passed the eBookReaderGuide.com flip upside down ‘n’ shake test to make sure that the iPad stayed put in it’s form fitting enclosure on the rear panel. As there is full accessibility to all controls and charging ports there is no need to remove the device from the case. A magnetic flap closure provides extra security for your iPad when it is not in use.

Well done JavoEdge you’ve given a great deal of thought to designing this case for hands-free viewing. There are 6 smart designs to choose from: Charcoal, Fiber and Plaid are a canvas/synthetic leather combo. For more femininity, the Poppy design in Sunny Yellow and 2 Cherry Blossom designs in Twilight Purple and Ocean Blue colors are just perfect for the ladies in our lives; these cases consist of  a patterned canvas/synthetic leather combo.

#3. Otterbox Defender Series Case for iPad

Otterbox iPad Case Defender Series Cases

Click to enlage Otterbox Defender Series iPad case image

Well I have been eagerly waiting to try out the formidable looking Otterbox Defender Series Case for the iPad. Believe me, when you have a curious preschooler around the home or if your rugged lifestyle warrants your treasured iPad some hardcore protection, then this Batman suit of armor from Otterbox is the case for you. Otterbox are a well known manufacturer of cases for many global handheld devices and this product for the iPad is a case to be reckoned with. This iPad case offers 3 layers of supreme protection: a self-adhesive protective film for the magical touchscreen, a high-impact polycarbonate shell which covers the rear of the iPad provides a bezel and finally, a shock absorbing silicone outer skin.

The special feature which attracted me to this case was the fact that the additional clip on polycarbonate shield cover for the front of the iPad contained a cleverly designed built-in pull-out stand feature that allowed the iPad to be viewed in a single position in either landscape or portrait mode. Also, there’s a small slide off door on the back of the case which allows the encased iPad to be docked for charging. If I was totally honest, I would say that the Otterbox Defender case did add a little extra bulk and weight (around 20 oz) to the iPad but for me it was just a minor complaint as ultra protection was of primary importance. An important point that should be noted is that the Otterbox Commuter Series Case for iPad (the lighter and smaller kid brother of the Defender case) does not have a built-in stand feature.

#4. Sena Folio Leather Case for Apple iPad

Sena case

Click to enlarge Sena iPad case image

The Sena leather iPad Folio is a book style, side folding design with an integrated and recessed back stand. This design is an incredibly functional and sophisticated portfolio case. The Sena Folio offers you the opportunity to use your iPad while it’s in the case and even stands up in either portrait or landscape mode with the recessed stand.

It features a soft velvet protective lining on the inside, as well as multiple pockets for cards, IDs and even checkbooks. It is secured with a strap and snap closure for total protection when not in use. Offered in classic genuine napa leather, the Folio is perfect for the professional business environment and meetings. The secure flap with snap closure provides a snug fit to your iPad. Its rigid protective layer reinforces additional backbone support for durability.

#5. Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket/Folio

DMS Deluxe Leather Flip Book Jacket Folio for Apple iPadDMS-Deluxe-Leather-Flip-Book-Jacket

Click to enlarge Acase iPad case image

The Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket/Folio-also sold under the names DMS, CTC Store or Chi-Tek, has a clever design and great functionality that enables it to be converted from a bookstyle case to a stable stand with 4 multi-view angles when the iPad is in the landscape orientation.

A sturdy construction with a black leather exterior and an interior suede lining provides good protection to the touchscreen. The durability is questionable as it does not actually feel like real leather. A thick red and black striped elasticated band on the front panel presumably allows the case to be carried safely in one hand; mind you, I have seen an advertisement promoting an image of this case fastened to the back of a car seat headrest. However, a snap button closure keeps the iPad secure when the device is not in use. The front panel of this case houses the iPad which is secured by 2 small elasticated straps close to the spine. Furthermore, the front panel can be partially folded along the central vertical axis so as to tilt the iPad to the desired viewing angle.

How does the iPad maintain it’s angled position? Well, there are a series of padded “bumps” on the rear panel of the case which allow the iPad to be propped up in a stable position for viewing on the iPad stand. If you rate function over form, this is the case that will suit you. Also judging by reviews on Amazon.com, these cases are hugely popular. It is also available in Brown and Red.

#6. Piel Frama Premium Leather Case and Stand

Piel Frama Premium Leather Case and iPad StandPiel Frama Premium Leather Case and iPad Stand

Click to enlarge Leather case and stand image

When you feel a Piel Frama leather iPad Case for the very first time you will know straight away that it is beyond comparison in protecting your iPad as it consists of a tough ABS plastic inner shell. Exquisitely handcrafted by the finest leather artisans of Spain, this iPad case is enveloped with soft, full-grain leather on the exterior and interior and sure looks set to be a timeless classic. With perfect quality stitching and attention to detail you’ll easily be able to access all ports and buttons on the iPad after it smoothly slips into the case.

When the front panel of this book style case is flipped all the way back, you can use the on screen typing. In addition, the case can be propped up in one position to view movies whilst in the landscape mode.

This black colored case is perfect for the executive look, however other colors are available including Tan, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green and Pink. Magnetic closure to keep the iPad secure. If you are not keen on the magnetic closure, snap button closure options are also available.

#7. Traveler Folio Case for iPad

Traveler Folio Case for iPad

Click to enlarge Traveler Case for iPad image

If you are geared for life in the fast lane, then check out this sleek and simple iPad stand case manufactured by XGear Live. As it’s name suggests, the Traveler Folio Case is best suited for those users who are on the go and want a lightweight case that offers ultimate protection and versatility.

The case feels comfortable to the touch and is constructed from rigid ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) thermoplastic which affords it impact resistance and toughness. The interior is lined with suede to provide soft contact with the iPad screen, and the exterior consists of carbon fiber, a material that’s used to reinforce helicopter blades and motorsport vehicles.

The front panel flips over and allows it to be propped up for viewing movies for example, or in a wedge form to allow the user to type on the screen. A storage pocket inside the front panel enables business cards and documents to be within easy reach.

The Traveler Folio case acts like an iPad stand in much the same way as the Macally Bookstand (see No. 10 on the listing), but it is more rugged and I believe more durable due to the superior construction materials.

#8. Marware Eco-Vue Cover and Stand

Marware Eco-Vue Cover and iPad StandMarware Eco-Vue for iPad

Click to enlarge Marware iPad cover and stand image

The Marware Eco-Vue is a handsome looking black, genuine leather case which operates in the book style mode for a comfortable reading experience. The manufacturers, Marware, have taken drastic steps to reduce the environmental impact of the traditional leather tanning and dyeing processes by ensuring that the leather remains RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. In other words, no chlorine, no sulfuric acid and no petroleum/chemical based dyes have been used in order to minimize toxic waste run-off into the ground and water table.

The whole of the interior is lined with soft, gray microfiber which will protect the iPad from scratches. The iPad easily slides down into the framed rear panel of the case and can be secured by a microfiber flap that tucks in behind the device. An elasticated strap on the rear panel helps to keep the case closed when the iPad is not in use. The front panel of the book style case has two unique features which can be used only when the front panel is fully folded back. The first feature is a foldable display stand which when opened out allows the user to perform low angled typing on the iPad screen. The second feature is an elasticated pull-out microfiber hand strap which allows the user to get a secure grip on the device whilst in use. The case stand can be propped up in the landscape mode for viewing movies or photo slideshows by adjusting the front panel of the case so that it resembles an easel.
Overall this is a very smart unassuming case that provides excellent protection for your iPad. A sound choice for all you eco-warriors out there.

#9. CaseCrown Genuine Leather Vertical Flip iPad Case

CaseCrown Genuine Leather Vertical Flip iPad Stand Case in Stand Position

Click to enlarge Pink Leather iPad cover case image

This is such a funky looking case in Pink; should be a hit with the leather loving ladies in our lives. It is basically a straightforward flip-style case where the front panel lifts up and the iPad can be slid down into the frame on the rear panel. All charging ports/control buttons are accessible on the iPad while it is installed in this case, and a snap closure button keeps the device secure when the device is not in use. There’s an interior elastic band that has slots to carry cards, ids, and papers to hold it in place during travel.

The front panel can simply be lifted back to transform the case into a stand in both the portrait and landcape orientation with good stability on a non-slip surface. If you want to do on screen typing, the case has to be laid down on a flat horizontal surface as it cannot be elevated at a low angle.

This case is also available in Black, Blue and Red.

#10. Mivizu Primo Leather Case Cover and Stand – Red Croc

Mivizu Primo Leather Case Cover and iPad Stand

Click to enlarge Red Leather cover case stand image

The Mivizu Primo leather case cover and iPad stand is beautifully soft to the touch with its striking red color, and it has the unique feature of an embossed crocodile skin. It has a carbon fiber molded rigid base to provide secure protection for the iPad if it falls. The manufacturers, Mivizu claim that this case is also resistant to UV radiation, a stress crack test, stains, water and abrasion as the case has been air jet textured. A snap button closure opens up the case in book style, allowing easy access to ports and control buttons. I could easily slide the iPad into the rear panel of the case and prop it up in the portrait mode by pulling out the small kick stand behind the rear panel of the case. Alternatively for viewing movies and slideshows I simply held the iPad in landscape mode and lifted back the front panel to make the case stand like an easel and rotated the kick stand around to enable the iPad case to be stable after re-positioning . An inner pocket for the storage of business cards provides convenience for the user.

On the whole the Mivizu Primo is a very stylish case with a splash of reptilian eccentricity which is bound to arose curiousity, and provide solid protection for your iPad.

#11. DMS Deluxe Leather Multi-View Case with Stand
Deluxe Leather multi-view iPad Stand CaseDeluxe leather multi-view folio case ipad

Click to enlarge Leather Multi-view stand case

This case is probably offering the best value for money compared to all other ipad cases. If you prefer lighter leather, lively colors, then the Deluxe multi-view case by DMS might just be what you’re looking for.

It has a 13 settings, adjustable stand, and a snap button tab keeps the ipad safe in its pouch.The best part is the ability to have your iPad put up as a photo frame which in my opinion is a great advantage. Also the case seems thick enough to offer some protection against shocks. Available in White, Red and Brown.

We hope that you found our post helpful.

Remember at eBookReaderGuide.com we do the research for you, to save you time. As part of our research we assessed many iPad covers and cases, and we continue to watch the arrival of new products. Notable cases outside our top 10 list include the Macally BOOKSTAND Protective Case and Stand for iPad.

Stay tuned for a review of the Otterbox iPad Defender Case, with a built in stand feature.

Check out our buyers guide that details the factors to consider when Choosing The Best iPad Case.

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